Mom accused of killing newborn cries while video plays in court

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - During day two of the trial for the Richmond mother accused of killing her newborn baby girl and leaving her body in a dumpster, the court heard from Shavaugn Robinson for the first time.

The prosecution played a video of Robinson being interviewed by police the day after the baby's body was found in May 2013.

In the video, Robinson told investigators she did not know she was pregnant and a pregnancy test she took came back negative. She admitted during the interview to having the baby in the bathroom of the Lee Medical Building where she worked.

Robinson said she "panicked" because her fiance was picking her up from work and she did not know if he was the father of the child. The couple had split for "some time" eight months prior, Robinson said.

During Tuesday's court proceedings, the 27-year-old mother could be seen wiping away tears while watching the video of the interview.

Emergency personnel and C.S.I. officers also testified Tuesday morning.

Each saw the baby while she was in the dumpster and said the child's color was "poor" and grey.  By the time emergency responders arrived, they said there was "nothing they could do."

The defense, in its opening statements, said they will show Shavaughn Robinson didn’t know what she was doing that evening, that she was having mental problems – including pregnancy denial –  and had previously suffered hallucinations.

The trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday.


  • lovinlife

    Someone please tell me why is it that everytime a crime is committed, the person is always believed to be insane or have some type of mental issues? When will the day come where these people can be held accountable for their actions?

  • Cindy

    No feelings for this piece of scum! She threw her baby away and thought she would get away with it…….NOT! Lifetime in prison!

  • Ty

    I know this women personally since we were about 16. In no ways do I what happen. How ever I can to the type of loving caring person she is.I Know the Hampton Christian Highschool Academy baketbsll star.I know the VCU Student. I know her as caring stuggling single parent. Pushinging for a better life for her child. I have also witnessed all of the highs and lows in her Daily struggle with Manic Depression over the years. She has always acceptance,withdrawal,loniness Depresssion issuse.I dont expect any of you to change your position because all you know is the crime not the person. I will Say this Our JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BIAS in how they handle persons in situation(mentally ill) and ethnic background (Black).

    • reeltime

      So convenient to use race as an excuse for an individual that commited an abhorhant act. If she was so mentally ill why did she fail to seek treatment, ah yes because her race would not allow. Tired of hearing the excuses and accusations of racism. Doesn’t matter what race she is, she is evil and deserves to be locked up for a long time. Think of the poor child that had to suffer a horrendous death and the pain it felt while dying before you pull your deck out.

    • kc

      You’re post doesn’t say much for her character based on your own education. Of course you’d use the ‘race’ card to justify her behavior. I have an ex-sister-in-law who suffers from manic depression and while she’s very unstable, she’d never hurt one of her children. This girl already had a child so don’t play the dumb card “oh I didn’t know I was pregnant”….the only reason she did this was to avoid confrontation with her fiance. If she didn’t want the child……..ADOPTION!!! I don’t care what color you are, if you commit a crime you should be punished. Especially murdering an innocent newborn. Get off the race card and hiding behind mental illness. She’s not mentally ill. That’s an excuse. Hold yourself accountable for your own actions!!

    • Belsma

      It was really hard to read your post, but as a “white” woman who “technically” (anxiety, depression) suffers from mental illness, I have never hurt anyone. Mental illness knows no race, color or creed. Sounds to me like she got herself into a debacle and couple that with a type of mental illness, did not know what to do with herself. No excuses though. Andrea Yates, Susan Smith and a host of other mothers who happen to be white have killed their children. JMOHO.

    • Belsma

      I would also like to add that my nephew and niece are both adopted, my nephew is a little white dude and my niece is a little black dudette. Their mothers made the best choice and gifted my brother and his wife smart, funny and beautiful children that they could not have on their own. What a gift, I’m sure a hard one, but better than killing an innocent baby.

  • kitty

    Wow….she needs. 🔨🔫💣💉…no excuses she was trying to get ride of the baby cause she knew it wasn’t her fiance baby..she knew what she was doing and how have a baby naturally and go home like it’s nothing… she needs the life in prison or death..some people have very sick minds

  • Bruce Collier

    Nasty…just Nasty.You can try to justify it Ty,you can try to make her seem better,but this is just…nasty.Please,don’t waste our time on the”race card’…the defense of the stupid,the defense of the people that have no other defense.It’s wearing smooth…

  • James Johnson

    Hey look we all have issues and to this mother who knows wht was goin on in her head at the time we judge and dnt kno tbe whole story I pry tht god wrk it out whteva it is and tht the familly be strong for

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