Man wanted in Cumberland homicide, missing woman case

Richmond mother pleads not guilty to murder

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Shavaugh Robinson plead not guilty to first degree murder in Circuit Court Monday morning.  Robinson is accused of leaving her new born daughter in a dumpster on Monument Avenue shortly after the child's birth; a janitor discovered the body.

ShaVaughn Robinson (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

ShaVaughn Robinson (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

Robinson appeared in court subtly dressed as the defense and prosecution began jury selection.  Shortly after her initial court appearance, Robinson's family said they did not know she was pregnant and were "shocked" by the allegations.

In a pretrial motion, the defense amended the indictment to refer to the child originally called "baby Robinson" also as "Angel."

The trial is scheduled to last three days.


  • Cindy

    Scumbag! She could have dropped the infant off at an emergency room, police department, fire station, etc. Murderer! Consider the culture, ignorance, no decent parents…..

  • manalishi

    Soooo, someone else must have dropped her newborn in a dumpster?

    They breed and they vote which is another crime.

    • Mark

      manalishi, don’t you ever have anything productive to do with your life? Are you bed ridden? Must you comment 24/7 with hateful and absurd remarks? Your little Latosha trick is evident. You may as well go back to the name used before manalishi. No one thinks you are relevant, except other witless rednecks.

    • manalishi

      Who’s the dumb a**es? Are you defending this person? Were you “court appointed” to make this suspect appear better than than the crime?

  • greg

    why is it black girls always have the same excuse of either them or nobody around them knowing their pregnant,just asking?either way she will get a small if any sentence and the cycle continues

  • Michael

    All mothers Cindy? How does this case or any other directly affect you? There are good black people in this world. Just as there are bad.


  • Cindy

    It always affects the hard working people who are tax paying citizens! Where do you think welfare comes from, Michael? I didn’t mention all mothers nor did I mention black people….don’t assume and stop talking before thinking!

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