Woman posts about ‘Happy’ song on Facebook seconds before she’s killed in crash

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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WTVR) – A North Carolina woman killed in a head-on collision while driving on Interstate 85 Business Thursday posted to Facebook moments before the crash, according to a report on MyFox8.com.

“The Facebook text happened at 8:33. We got the call on the wreck at 8:34,” High Point Police Lt. Chris Weisner said. The post, according to investigators, was about the song “Happy.”

“The Happy Song makes me so HAPPY,” police said the post exclaimed.

A screenshot of Sanford’s Facebook post (with her photo removed).

A screenshot of Sanford’s Facebook post (with her photo removed).

“In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy,” Weisner said. ““As sad as it is, it is a grim reminder for everyone… you just have to pay attention while you are in the car.”

The driver was identified as 32-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford.


Investigators said Sanford was also posting selfies as she drove.

The driver of the truck involved in the crash was not injured.


  • Kristi dawn

    Texting is worse than drinking and driving. And when they take out a family or kill themselves we vilify them. Texting and driving is a choice, she made a decision to be stupid. She paid for that stupid decision!

  • Ellie Peabody

    First my heart goes out to the young lady’s family, and we will keep her family in our thoughts and prayers. We as family can fight back by not texting back when you know they are driving. We can take an oath ” “Save A Life Don’t Text Back”. We have lost so many love one because of this bad habit T & D .It seem like people know this already and just don’t care. True we live in a world of electronics some of you can’t wait (1) minute to get to your destination to text back. It has been this saying for a while alcohol and gas don’t mix now we can add texting and gas don’t either. We as driver needs to take a stand.. SAVE A LIFE DON’T TEXT BACK’.

  • Tina

    yes, Steve. People usually call as soon as they see an accident. I can see that happening very easily within 60 seconds when there are other motorists driving by…..not sure why you find it so hard to believe…..Anywho, I wonder how many lives were claimed by Facebook, smh. It really is a monster that is taking over people’s lives. I used to be one of those people who went on there several times a day but now I might not even go on there once a month unless someone tells me to go look at something in particular. Very sad how a website/app is consuming so many people’s lives/time. People aren’t living/experiencing life any more. They go places and half the time they’re taking pictures to post to FB to show everyone they’re living the “good life” or showing everyone their every move instead of enjoing where they are and the people they may be there with. Very sad times we live in. I’m sure FB is also taking family time away as well. I could go on. People need FB rehab. Glad I’m no longer a FB sheep.

  • frank

    being a truck driver myself im very surprised they didnt blame the truck driver, because everybody knows it always the big trucks fault.

  • Michael

    Wow, be careful about post anything anywhere any timeline
    looks like the police charged trialled and condemn her all on their owB.C…
    Oh yes remember the days of the police say alcohol was involved…nobody was wearing a seat belt….if the car would have had airbags…ect. All the sudden everybody is a expert on accident’s because the “cool scape goat” kid texting and driving…

  • Charlie

    There is no proof that the Facebook post caused the accident. After all, the post had already been uploaded to Facebook meaning she was DONE TYPING, eyes back on the road. I urge caution to anyone slandering this woman’s memory without proof of the cause of this accident

  • PJ

    No one should be throwing stones unless they have always been a perfect driver. If while driving you have NEVER looked down to change the radio, put in a CD, answer that phone call, take a bite of that burger, lean over to grab that bottle of water, turn around to reprimand a child, had a sneezing fit, just had to put on that chap stick, dug into your pocketbook for something, looked for sunglasses in your car, …… I could go on and on …. But if you are perfect then i cannot fault your comments. But most of us make MISTAKES, and usually dumb mistakes that if we could do over, wouldn’t do again. This girl has loved ones who are hurting and it is incomprehensible that you are condemning her. Yes she made a mistake and she paid the ultimate price. Apparently she was not perfect like those of you who are apparently perfect and throwing your stones. Doesn’t sound like a perfect person to me!!!

  • Carla

    Would not surprise me if the ones who could care less are the ones texting and driving. Believing it could never happen to them.

  • mary

    Coming up a ramp, I tried to move my grip on the steering wheel a little higher, but my sweater sleave was caught in buckle and lock of my safety belt….I tried to yank the sweater out…no dice….I’m already on the hwy now just a short way from where I’d entered…since I was going in a safe straight direction…. I made the choice to look down at the buckle and get a clance of what the problem was.. in the fractions of second it took me to look down my truck had started to cross the line of the on coming lane…I over correct ed be caused I panicked…. I spun out …and rolled down a wooded levy about 500 ft from a 8 ft deep river. Zero injuries… totalled truck …fortunate forever…. Peace and comfort to her family and may she rest in peace. Just drive when you are driving…you’ll be tempting fate doing anything else while operating a motor vehicle.

  • oh no lemme guess

    What a tragic, senseless accident. Because she thought she had to broadcast her current mood she’s dead, her family is mourning, and a man is traumatized. For what? A Facebook post. Hopefully this story will keep someone else from making the same mistake.

  • Jerry

    Its is very Sad, however what if she would have killed others too,,, QUIT TEXTING or USING DEVICES while driving….. She Knew better and yet she made the decision to do it anyways, she took her life and so many others are lucky that she did not take them out too, she could have hit a family or anyone for that matter,,, Lets this be a GRIM reminder for every action there is a reaction,,, DONT TEXT or use your devices for if you do and die or cause the death of someone else i feel NO PITTY for you, as you made the choice, knowing what could happen.

  • kitty

    This is why I would never text…post even talk on my phone…I treasure my life and others on the rode I look one way straight and at others on the rode….and the sad thing is no one will learn from this the same as drunk drivers and rode rage drivers….they always think it won’t happen to me…. I see people older ,mid age and young people talking on their phones and not driving at speed limit….and I get pissed and flick them off that is very dangerous to do I just hope they be more strict on driving while talking or texting

  • Paula Kennedy

    There are some cold hearted people on here! Have any of you fiddled with your hair, turned a radio station, turned around to deal with a child, took a sip from a cup or just looked at a tree?? So sorry this woman died and so sorry this man will live with this forever but no one on this page is perfect behind the wheel…..NO ONE!!!!!!!!

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