Disturbing trend has kids using lip balm on eyelids

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  — There are videos all over YouTube of kids using something they have in their pocket everyday.

Lip balm.

It is called ‘Beezin’, where students put a thin layer of Burt’s Bees on their eyelids.

They claim it increases their sensation of getting high or drunk. Other kids say it helps keep them awake and alert during long nights of studying. The videos show kids putting it on their eyelids, which causes a burning sensation.

But doctors are issuing a warning;  it’s very dangerous. They say the tingling sensation is caused by the peppermint oil in the product. They say the trend could cause symptoms that mimic pink eye, and your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Kids may think the trend is harmless because Burt’s Bees products are supposed to be 100-percent natural, but doctors say using any product other than what’s intended for can be risky.

(GRAPHIC language)


    • Belsma

      Yup, kids are stupid and always will be. I was a stupid kid/teenager, and I can only hope to guide my teen that it does not pay to be stupid, but it’s a frontal lobe thing..I still have 11 years until that thing fully develops with that child. Lucky for me, she only is showing signs of my goofiness, and not my rebellion as of yet. :)

  • brian murphy

    the fact that this is even on the news is ridiculous. i did this two years ago when i was a junior in highschool. no one did it to get “high.” or to stay awake. Have you ever sat in a physics class with a 65 year old teacher? ya youll do anything to pass the time. It felt weird and it was fun to watch people do it for the first time. “Youve never beezed before?!”

  • Cyborg Bill

    When/how did “100% natural” become synonymous with “safe”?? Anybody doubt that the hemlock-laced potion Socrates was forced to drink was made with other than “100% natural” ingredients? I am constantly hearing the mantra of this product or that being made from “all natural” ingredients. I am also reminded that in many states it it ILLEGAL do drink “100% natural” milk – i.e. whole, unpasturized, unhomogenized, just-as-it-came-from-the-cow milk. Ironically, such truly whole, unprocessed milk IS healthier that what we buy from the store. But the mere fact that a product is made from “100% natural” ingredients means nothing as regards a product’s safety.

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