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UPDATE: Wegmans plans to bring 2 stores to RVA

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - It's an announcement many Central Virginia shoppers have been been waiting to hear.  Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. has confirmed plans to build two stores in Central Virginia.

Wegman FB

One Wegmans will anchor Stonehenge Village Shopping Center on Midlothian Turnpike near Chesterfield Town Center Mall, according to the Rochester, New York-based grocery chain. Wegmans plans to build a second location in Short Pump at West Broad Marketplace, a development planned for West Broad Street near North Gayton Road.  The stores will look similar to other Wegmans in Virginia stores and range in size from 120,000 to 140,000 sq. ft.

“Over the years, we have had countless requests to open a Wegmans store in the Richmond area, so we are delighted to finally announce that we’re headed there,” Wegmans senior vice president of real estate Ralph Uttaro said. “We look forward to the day when we can welcome customers to our stores and deliver on our promise of incredible customer service, the best ingredients, restaurant-quality prepared foods, and consistent low prices.”

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No timeline has been set for when the new stores would be built or open.

"Construction timeline and projected opening date for each store won’t be determined until all necessary approvals are in place," a Wegmans' official said in a statement.


  • Joe

    This is the best news all year.

    For those unaware, Wegman’s provides better than Ukrops quality service, and their meat sections, awwwww yiss.

    They even have free diapers for mothers in their changing rooms in case your little one has an accident.

    I can only pray they bring the selection of pork dogs with them, screw the all beef hot dog.

  • Margarita Akselrod

    Finally!!! We moved here from Rochester, ny to henrico in 1998 & was hoping to have Wegmans around the corner for all these years!

  • Marcus

    The best grocery store EVER! I know that sounds like hyperbole but it’s absolutely true. If you’ve never experienced Wegmans you are in for a ginormous treat. (If you want to preview the experience there is one located in Fredericksburg.) Welcome Wegmans!

    • Steven

      It looks like the Chesterfield location will actually be filling in a parcel that was skipped over in “leapfrog” development 20 years ago. From a sprawl perspective, this is much better than it being out at Westchester or something.

  • Lindsey

    Why can’t we get anything out toward Amelia at least? There are so few options in Lunenburg county; I have to make a serious drive to get anything organic (or arrange it with a farmer), and I refuse to be a Walmart regular. Gross. Chesterfield and Short Pump already have several options.

  • Lisa

    My neighborhood has terrible grocery stores, as does most of intown Richmond unless you count the uselessly fancy Fresh Market and Ellwood’s in Carytown. Whole Foods comes around, where do they go? Short Pump! Wegmans opens a store here – where? Short Pump! and Chesterfield Co. I guess those of us intown can just continue to pick through the dregs at Martin’s and Food Lion.

    • athynz

      You could drive to Whole Foods or use RelayFoods which delivers groceries from Whole Foods to different set locations around town or even to your home.

    • reeltime

      Unfortunately Lisa locating in an urban area comes with a higher risk of crime which increases costs of security and insurance and liabilities.

    • athynz

      As I see it you can either drive out to the stores you want to shop at or “…continue to pick through the dregs at Martin’s and Food Lion.” Whining about the location here won’t help – write Wegman’s. Good luck with that though as in Carytown you have horrid parking being made even worse and some other places you mentioned won’t work either due to having to deal with Mayor Jones and his agenda. Just my 2 cents.

  • samuel

    You have no idea how great this is. This store is more then just a supermarket. They have movie night for kids. A seafood bar were you can order a glass of wine. REAL desserts and fresh bread/bagels from real pastry chefs..it’s just a total different experience. And Joe they will be bringing the awsome sahlens hot dogs your referring too…Soo happy

    • Lisa

      There’s tons of dead space in areas like Manchester, Scott’s Addition, etc. Space could be made in areas around Shockoe Bottom. All places that are basically food deserts.

      There is a tendency, and not just in Richmond, for developers to think anything new must be constructed on ground that has been razed and the earth salted. re-purposing existing structures (such as in downtown areas) appears to be blasphemy

  • don

    if its in Henrico they will make space.Henrico county will tear down 10 stores to make room for one big tax maker.It would tear down a church if need be.Developers are kings in Henrico,just look at that mess they call a success in short pump.They will even foot the bill for half-a#$ road improvements to get a deal done.The only rule they have it seems is at least 5 traffic lights for every block.

  • Tracy

    Ohhh Danny Wegman, won’t you consider a store in Mechanicsville so us North siders and East Enders can have something really special? You don’t want to compete with Whole Foods and Trader Joes…..we’ll keep you busy out this way!!

  • steve

    Marcus, you are an idiot and I assume you are one of those that fear our southern capital…Have you been OUTSIDE of the United States? You make it sound like Richmond is downtown Damascus.

    Last year the City only experienced 37 homicides. ReaLLLLLLLLLLLLY dangerous huh?

    • Marcus

      Oh Steve you silly goose. I live and work in Richmond. I’m not afraid of Richmond. I was just commenting that unfortunately many people are afraid of coming into Richmond.

      Now take a deep breath and relax. Love ya still.

  • Mat

    I am happy for my peeps back in RVA….good to see more choices coming in.I will visit this store upon my return and fill my belly with those sausages you all are referring to.

  • Holly

    Such great news! Their bulk section, cafe, seafood section, deli, everything is awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Sandie Spraggins

    You have never experienced Wegmans until you have gone to the Pittsford Wegmans. You could write a best selling book about the entire experience!

  • Wendy

    So excited! I will drive to get great food for my family! Heck I drove to the wegmans in Fredericksburg. If you have never been to one you are in for a treat. If you want the product bad enough you will go get it.

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