Twitter opens fire on #MyNYPD social media campaign

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The tweet heard around the world, or the sound of an idea plummeting from its original conception to a very low point, was first fired off Tuesday afternoon.

The premise was simple: the New York Police Department wanted the public to submit a picture of New York City citizens with any of its officers. They created a hashtag: #MyNYPD

The social media campaign took a sharp turn, as people began to submit photos of what they said were examples of police brutality. The hashtag thread is currently bombarded with trolling comments.

A few people did submit photos taken with officers of the NYPD, those are below. The NYPD has so far ignored the ones featuring brutality and is retweeting the ones that capture the moments which they were looking for originally.

***Warning, some images are violent***

Here are the ones that went the way the NYPD had hoped.


  • Colton

    That comment is nonsensical. Conservatism and liberalism are not tied to police brutality. Step away from politics for a moment, and realize these are people.

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