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Surgeons find 12 gold bars in man’s stomach

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NEW DELHI, India (CNN) — When a team of Indian surgeons opened up the stomach of a patient complaining of abdominal pain, they had no idea they’d extract a fortune.

The patient, whose name was not released, was hiding 12 gold bars in his belly. He apparently smuggled them into India to evade import duty, police and doctors said Tuesday.

Each bar weighed 33 grams, said C.S. Ramachandran, a doctor at a hospital in New Delhi, which carried out the surgery on April 9.

The 63-year-old patient, an Indian citizen, visited the hospital a day before with severe stomach pain and nausea.

“He told us he had accidentally swallowed the cap of a plastic bottle,” Ramachandran said.

Investigations could not confirm his claim.

“We couldn’t (either) make out they were gold bars,” the doctor said. “But yes, X-Rays showed there was intestinal blockage, which required surgery.”

On the day of surgery, stunned doctors pulled out the yellow metal from his stomach.

“It was unexpected,” Ramachandran said.

The hospital handed over the precious extraction to local police.

The bars have since been sent to customs, which is conducting a probe, said Alok Kumar, a deputy commissioner of police.

He didn’t disclose the name of the patient. Nor did he reveal which country he smuggled the gold from.

The patient was discharged after the surgery, and is doing fine.

India is the world’s second-largest gold market after China, according to the World Gold Council.

Indian investment in gold bars recorded an increase of 16% in 2013, the WGC says.

A tax of 10% is levied on gold imports in India.

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  • phore

    I thought when I read at fox8 that I would try it when gold is one million dollars a pound under the Obamacare. I still think that when we have to wonder f this Repulbican is still finding holes in the health proof plans under earnings, holdings, assest, why not included with profession type house size (value) and the market prices of a stock risk assect to determine other cost of living insurance value. so I must say the times are not adjusted to say I would do that so I must reppoach my comment and say that I would not eat gold silver meatals or any thing that includes smuggling!

  • Gerry

    If it’s 18k the amount is $12,240. So he will owe $1,224!!!! What an idiot. Gold has been going down and won’t hit it’s all-time highs ay time soon.

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