Police, US Marshals hunt for person of interest after family found dead

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PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR) - More than 48 hours after her mother and three family members were found dead in their Petersburg home, the woman whose ex-boyfriend was named a person of interest said she felt like she had lost everything.

Vivian Chavis

Vivian Chavis

"The love of my life, my mother, was everything to me," Vivian Chavis told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil during an interview.

Chavis was scheduled to meet her ex-boyfriend, Alexander Roosevelt Hill,  Monday in Petersburg court to finalize her protective order against him. Snipers were stationed around court in case Hill showed up for the hearing. He did not show.

CBS 6 found investigators visiting Alexander Hill’s apartment on South Valor Drive in Petersburg on Monday afternoon.

Petersburg bodies Neighbors, who said this was not the first time police visited the area, revealed law enforcement officers visited the area on Saturday several hours after the fire.

“It was the SWAT team and police and everybody out here... people had guns,” said one neighbor, who spoke with CBS 6 on the condition of anonymity.

The neighbor showed CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit video she captured on her cell phone on Saturday afternoon and described what she saw.

“They was bombing his house with a lot of booms,” the neighbor said. “They were yelling, 'Alexander, if you're in the house, come out.'"

Alexander Roosevelt Hill

Alexander Roosevelt Hill

Over the weekend police named Hill, 47,  as a person of interest in the deaths of four people found in a home on Harding Street. Firefighters discovered the bodies when they arrived at the home early Saturday morning to put out a fire inside the house.

Petersburg Police determined evidence of foul play and ruled the people in the home were victims of homicide.

While police have not released the names of the victims found in the Harding Street home, other family members identified the victims as Pauline Wilkins, her daughter Vickie Ansar and Ansar's children Tanique and Delvari Chavis. Delvari Chavis was two years old.

In addition to being named a person of interest in this case, Hill was also wanted for violating a protective order, providing false information to police and assault. He has known connections in the Richmond area, Newport News, Virginia Beach and Trinidad.  Police consider Hill armed and dangerous.


  • Doyle Hargraves

    Yup, if only she could have gotten that protective order. That would have kept them all safe…someone who kills four innocent people, one of them being a child, would never violate a protective order. Women quit dating these losers from the beginning. These men never change.

  • Wlm Woosley

    See what happens when you eat paint chips when you are young☻ How many more people will he touch before he is caught? Welcome to the New America, not even safe at home!

  • supa dave

    wake up blk ppl,alot of these other races r keeping it real,we r keeping it real phony thats why these incidents accure.wht ppl keep it real with out say we say n act the opposite.my luv go out to the vitims n the person of intrest cause now he is a victim too of the situation.lets do better because we know better..

  • Tweety

    A innocent family of four is dead….murdered, why is race even a factor?? It shouldn’t matter….they r human!!! I feel grief, disgust even if they were white or any other race. And people can say all they want about women choosing the wrong men….which is true but as u can see every day and every Friday on TV and in the cinema….there’s some creative great actors act here in the world. Not all of them r in Hollywood….Some r walking amongst us and u will never know that true person. Just pray for the victims and for justice

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