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UPDATE: Investigators identify dump truck driver killed in Hanover crash

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Hanover dump truck crash (PHOTO: Jon Burkett)

Hanover dump truck crash (PHOTO: Jon Burkett)

Hanover dump truck crash (PHOTO: Jon Burkett)

UPDATE: The Hanover Sheriff’s Office identified the victim in Monday’s dump truck accident as 70-year-old William F. Powell of Mineral.

“We extend our sincerest condolences to the Powell family as they attempt to deal with this tragic loss,” Hanover Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley said.

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – The driver of a dump truck was killed in a single-vehicle accident along Route 54 (West Patrick Henry Rd.) in Hanover County, according to Hanover Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Chris Whitley.

Hanover dump truck crash (PHOTO: Jon Burkett)

Hanover dump truck crash (PHOTO: Jon Burkett)

“Preliminary investigation indicates that a 1987 GMC dump truck was traveling west on W. Patrick Henry Road near Scotchtown Road when it ran off the right side of the roadway,” he said. “This caused the vehicle to overturn on its right side and slide across the eastbound lane before coming to rest on the left shoulder. The truck was hauling a full load of dirt.”

The driver who died was the only person in the dump truck.

“The name of the deceased is not being released until the next-of-kin can be notified,”
Whitley said.

Hanover dump truck

As of 6 p.m.,  West Patrick Henry Road between Scotchtown Road and Pinehurst Forest Drive had reopened after deputies investigated the crash and removed the truck and debris from the highway.

The accident happened about 12 p.m.


  • Kris Joynes Chapin

    It’s awful.. but, I’m guessing the driver could have lived if he’d had his seatbelt on? I mean, the truck turn over onto the passenger side and slid across the road- not a wide road- and there’s no mention of him hitting anything. I flipped a truck – with my seatbelt on- and other than a cut on my scalp (that bled so much I thought my brain was leaking out) and bruises from my seatbelt, I walked away from it.

  • joe smith

    You a. So please don’t judge until you know the facts.
    re Lucky. My niece and her family are DEVASTATED, even with a seatbelt, and there is NO mention if he had on or not, he could not have survived these injuries

    • Kris Joynes Chapin

      Joe, I didn’t mean to sound judgmental at all- sorry if it came out that way. I was/am just curious about the details. The way the story is written it sounds like it was survivable, but I have now seen a photo of the truck and the cab looks terrible… Regardless of whether I understand what happened or not, I’m sorry for your niece’s family’s loss.

  • Janie Longoria

    Lt.Chris Whitley, the name of the dumb truck driver is already been giving out. Hanover Sheriff Dept. mention him in as Charles Powell from Mineral. I hope the family didn’t hear his name on T.V..

  • mary bryant

    kris.. you need to think about others before you say said things that hurt his family and his friends. because you did not know the truth about it. this family has allready paid a very high price for this.people need to know things before they say anything….

    • Kris Joynes Chapin

      Mary Bryant- first, I already apologized to Joe, at 11pm last night, and explained that I did not intend to come across judgmental. My words were out of curiosity, which I still feel was the way I wrote it, I said I was curious about the details- it seemed the story was missing part of the full story because it SOUNDED like a minor crash the way the original article was written. I certainly do not want to add to their pain… I just wanted to understand what really happened.
      You never know, if someone read what I wrote & it may save a life in the future.

      Like I said- I already apologized for unintentionally hurting them.

  • Chris Powell

    Hey janie for the record my father did have his seat beat on. And as far as him surviving kinda hard when there is nothing left of the cab.And how do i know this because the first responders told us this as did the corner. So if you have any more words I’ll gladly saw it to you in person.

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