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Man finds $1,000 in Walmart parking lot; you won’t believe what he does with it

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FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (WTVR) -- A Fredericksburg man is being looked at by the community as a role model after turning in money he found on the ground next to his car.

While some say they would take the money and run, 23-year-old Jacob Kroko chose to be a Good Samaritan and turned in the one grand in cash he found laying in a Fredricksburg Walmart parking lot.

"There is always the thought... always the thought of, 'I could leave right now and I'm a thousand dollars richer,'" Kroko said. "But the second thought is, 'What if I lost that money?'"

A man later called the store and asked if there had been any money turned in. He was lucky to find out that his money was safe in the hands of police.

Jacob said he didn't expect the reaction police gave him when he turned over the cash.

"They were like, 'Do you have money?' And I said, 'Yea, $100 bills.' And they were like, 'Okay.'"

Defense Department Police Officer Jason Carey says that the police may not have been surprised because money is turned into cops more often than some may believe.

"It's kind of psychological. Most people will turn it in because they think they are being watched," Officer Carey said.

The Fredericksburg Police have recognize Jacob for his honesty on their blog.

"It's great to hear that there are people like that out there."


  • airjackie

    Reading this article well my first thought is what would I do and try to be honest. First I would have looked around then thought of what I could do with 1,000 dollars. But I grew up with my grandmother always telling us God is watching even if no one else is. That has stayed with me all my life and I passed it on to my kids. I would have turned it in because yes God was watching and it would have haunted me for life knowing it did belong to someone else. But it is nice to see others do the same. We do have to answer to our own book of life.

  • Ricky

    Good Job.. As broke as I am, I’m sure I would have came out of Wal-Mart with .40 cents. But I would have turned it in to Wal-Mart in a heart beat because that’s just my heart. Could be a single mothers only income or anything. Plus it didn’t belong to me. I would have been blessed some other way. But I can’t take from people.. Not my style and the inner me won’t let me do any harm toward another.. So Good Job Jake….

  • sam

    Was it $1,000 or $10,000? THis is from your email …
    New post on

    “They were like, ‘Do you have money?’ And I said, ‘Yea, one hundred $100 bills.’ And they were like, ‘Okay.'”

    Either way i would have turned it in too. I know people who have lost $20 and that was all they had. I couldnt imagine losing that much money. I found a wallet with all his credit cards an ids, ss card an $100 in i laying in the middle of a highway. I spent about an hour trying to track him down. I expected to get a thank you for my time…….. i Didnt even get that, He didnt even know he had lost it just wanted to know where i was going to leave it so he could get it.

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