Hate filled Easter eggs litter Henrico neighborhood

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- If you woke up Sunday morning and discovered an Easter egg with a shocking message inside in your yard, you were not alone.

Some neighbors on Dunsmore Road, off of North Ridge Road in Henrico, woke up early Sunday morning to Easter eggs scattered around the area.

Inside the message, were printed scraps of paper saying, "diversity = white genocide.” Others contained printings with links to racist websites.

According to Henrico police, officers are investigating several reports in the area.

Neighbors rallied together to collect the eggs before children found them.

"It is disgusting that they would target children on Easter morning," one neighbor said.

Police said one neighbor told officers that she heard dogs barking between 2 and 3 a.m.. That's when she believes the eggs were dropped in the yards.

Police canvassed the area and worked with the Computer Crimes Unit to gather more information, and determine if charges can be placed.

If you have information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


  • airjackie

    A day many call themselves Christians as this day of Jesus. Many use God’s name for evil and this is one case. As we see so much racism and murder in the name of racism by people who call themselves Christian. I like to remind my class to remember who helped Jesus carry his cross. Yes a black man name Simon of Cyrene which Jesus showed love.

    • James212

      Are you SERIOUS?

      Using JESUS as your justification for supporting Genocide?

      I’ve heard it ALL now

    • LadyStClaire

      Never mind what it makes him, but we ALL know what your comment make you. It makes you look like the racist @$$ that you ARE! Just because your ancestors stole this country from those who were here first, does not mean in any way, that this country belong to a bunch of gypsies tramps and thieves which equates to be your fore parents.

      • BO

        Yes my forefathers won this land and still have it and you are where you belong on the plantation projects acting just like you a you know what.

  • greg

    nothing illegal about this and a waste of time for Henrico police.They could actually be out patrolling their Henrico apartments and solving real crimes or maybe preventing more shootings.and robberies in a area thats been recently overwhelmed by a criminal element,hmm wonder what happen to the area?use to be great.Now fill in with your pc junk

  • Clotus Jones

    How do we know this isn’t staged? Those people love drama and they love to play the “card”.

  • Jared Shipley

    Every time someone talks about more “diversity”, it always means fewer White people.

    Thus, it is not a huge logical leap to say that people who are always wanting more diversity are promoting White genocide. Nobody ever says Asia or Africa needs more diversity. Diversity is demanded in White countries and ONLY White countries around the world.

    Instead of just shouting “racist”, why don’t we have an open dialogue about the subject, and discuss whether demanding more diversity in White countries and ONLY White countries is a form of genocide? What if we said Nigeria needs more non-Black people? That would be called “racist”.

    There will be no discussion, because if there was an open and objective debate about this issue, those pushing for diversity in White countries and ONLY White countries would be exposed for what they really are, which is anti-White. Being in favor of diversity in White countries and ONLY White countries doesn’t make you a “progressive” or a “liberal”….it just means you are anti-White. Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.

  • Clotus Jones

    Maybe they should have put EBT cards and lottery tickets instead of racist notes. Those people don’t need chocolate anyway.

    • ladystclaire

      I’m pretty sure they passed the EBT filled eggs out to ALL of “YOU PEOPLE” since they are the majority when it comes to receiving FOOD STAMPS and ” YOU PEOPLE” know it! Did you get yours?

      • Kari

        You’re wrong. You can’t compare raw numbers because there are a lot more Whites than Blacks. In order to get an accurate number, you have to break it down per capita such as how much welfare/EBT is used per 100,000 Whites and Blacks? This will give an accurate number and the truth is Blacks use EBT etc. at much higher rates than Whites. White taxpayers also pay for EBT etc. for Blacks at much higher rates than Black tax dollars ever pay for White.

  • Joe

    Honestly I don’t think any black kids did this. The reaction that was wanted whoever did this got it.

  • martin

    I don’t get it. The messages were “diversity is a codeword for anti white” and “diversity = white genocide” One might argue that these slogans are untrue or exaggerated, but how do they amount to “hate speech”, – why does the newspaper report this as “hate”? And why on Earth would the police investigate? What is there to investigate?
    If anything this over reaction just goes to prove that these people might have a point. Any suggestion that white people might just have ethnic interests like every other ethnic group must be ruthlessly crushed whilst Asians, blacks, Hispanics can organise along racial lines and that’s just dandy!

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    Freedom of speech. At most a littering citation. Freedom of speech doesnt just become non-existant when you disagree or din’t like it no matter how stupid it may be.

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