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Young suspects caught on tape breaking into Chesterfield home

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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) --A PS3 and accessories were ripped off, but a Chesterfield man says the game isn't over.

Thursday night, the victim of a broad daylight break-in shared surveillance footage of the incident, hoping that you’ll watch and call police.

The video shows the suspects first outside the house, then different cameras show them inside.

"He knocked to see if anyone was at home," said  a friend of the homeowner Derrick George. "It's not “Leave it to Beaver” now; we live in different times."

Chesterfield Police are investigating the robbery. At one point it appears the young criminals realized they were spotted and got spooked by Big Brother.

But not until they took PlayStation 3 and games downstairs, then went upstairs and triggered the alarm.

It happened around two Monday afternoon.

CBS 6 crime expert Steve Neal says that itself is telling.

"The first thing you notice when looking at the video is the brazenness of this young person who broke in,” said Neal. “He made it clear and obvious that he had no concern whatsoever and felt comfortable going into a stranger’s house."

The outside of the home was armed with several cameras, providing a detailed description.

"I encourage your viewers to pay close attention tonight to what he's wearing, how he walks and carries himself,” said Neal. “It's pretty distinctive. I have a strong suspicion a viewer will recognize them right away."

The homeowner is also offering a $500 reward for information that helps police catch the two. Derrick George says they're fortunate they weren't injured.

"Those kids are lucky, to be honest, because if someone had been home, things could've happened and these kids wouldn't be walking around,” said George.  “That's what they need to think about."

It’s also something for parents to think about.

If you recognize the young men in the surveillance video, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.



  • Kevin Callahan

    There is a big difference in the penaltyof the laws of breaking in during the day vs. Breaking in at night. Breaking in during the day is onlya misdemeanor and considered a burglary because most people are at work vs. Breaking in at night, when most people are home,which is a felony and considered a break in. Been through all this in the past with someone breaking into my home.They need to revise the laws.

  • reeltime

    It appears from the statement made by the homeowner. had they been home, this could have been a real possibility.

      • cot

        “Those kids are lucky, to be honest, because if someone had been home, things could’ve happened and these kids wouldn’t be walking around,” said George.  “That’s what they need to think about.” What’s false about that?

  • B Addy

    These two are prime examples of why the .45 cal round was invented.
    Too bad nobody was home to give these two lead poisoning.

  • Andrew

    These stupid people who break into peoples homes think that theyll just get what they want and go. Do they stop and think what if the man of the house is sleep cause he works a funny schedule and comes around the corner sportin a home defense shotgun filled with buckshot? Now what? Is it worth risking your life for a playstation. But the way the laws are it protects these worthless people from getting their heads blown off. But it takes police 45 minutes to get to you because their out giving speeding tickets 30 miles away.

  • tustin coles

    a couple of kruats and filthy mick broke into my home 12 yrs ago. Unlucklly from them my neighbor was returning fromm walk his dogs(pitbulls) lets just say he didn’t have to feed them that nite..lol

  • tustin coles

    12 years ago a couples of micks broke into my place, to bad for them as the were leaving my nighbor was returning from walking his dogs(pitbulls) lets just say he didn’t have to feed them that night..lol

  • Neko

    I wonder if they are from the neighborhood. It looks like its a subdivision and people would notice if these two thugs were walking around and out of place

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