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Child struck by vehicle while crossing busy street

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- A young female was struck by a vehicle Thursday evening.

Police responded to Mechanicsville Turnpike and Cool Lane, a bustling intersection in the East End, around 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

Police said it appears the child was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. Family members told CBS 6 that the child, said to be age 5, was crossing the street with a group of friends.

Police told CBS 6's Chelsea Rarrick that the girl ran in between stopped traffic on the west side of Mechanicsville Turnpike. Traffic was still moving eastbound, and that's when police said a driver hit the little girl.

"I was mad and sad that somebody hit her," said Lavonte Pollard, the little girl's cousin.

He and others gathered together on the street right after it happened.

"She's a good little cousin to me," said Pollard.  "Thank god she made it to the hospital."

The driver stopped at the scene and spoke with police. Police said no charges will be made.

The child was taken to VCU Medical with unknown non-life threatening injuries.

"I hope she feels better, and when she gets out of the hospital I'm going to get her gifts and stuff and I love her," said Pollard.




  • Lindsey

    What in the hell is a 5 year old doing crossing that street anyway?? Her parents should be charged for negligence!

  • Krista

    Right on Lindsey. Where was the adult supervision of a five year old? Why is it that we have laws regarding pets roaming at large that are enforced but parents or guardians aren’t charged when their children are roaming unsupervised? This seems to be the case in Detroit; why haven’t those parents been held accountable for their nine year old running out in the street? Too many children have been struck by vehicles that was not the fault of the driver but of the parents for a lack of adequate supervision.

  • Belsma

    “Family members told CBS 6 that the child, said to be age 5, was crossing the street with a group of friends.”
    I don’t get how you just let your 5 year old go out with a group of “friends”. At the very least there should have been a trusted older teen with these kids. JMO though.

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