Police find remains of 7 infants in storage bins at Utah home

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(CNN) — Unbelievable. That’s how a police captain described the case.

A 39-year-old woman in Utah is in custody, accused of murder, after authorities found the remains of seven infants at a home where she used to live.

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Megan Huntsman

Megan Huntsman

“During the course of the investigation, information was obtained that over a 10-year period a 39-year-old female gave birth to the infants and then killed them. The female was booked into the Utah County Jail on six counts of murder,” Pleasant Grove, Utah, police said in a statement.

Capt. Michael Roberts identified the woman as Megan Huntsman. It was not immediately clear why she faces six, not seven, counts of murder.

The bodies were found at a home where Huntsman had lived until 2011, said Roberts, adding that the residence is currently occupied by family members of her estranged husband.

People were cleaning out the garage, saw a suspicious bag, opened it and found the remains of the first infant, he said.

“A search warrant was obtained for the residence and during the execution of the warrant, officers discovered six additional infant bodies. Each infant was found packaged in separate containers,” the police statement read.

According to Roberts, a second search warrant was issued for Huntsman’s current home, but nothing of interest was found there. She is expected to appear in court either Monday or Tuesday, he said.


  • anna

    she needs the death pentaly she is sick demented person there is people out there wanting childern and cant have them she should have put them up for adoption if she didnt want

    • lori tanner

      why is she responsible for providing babies to those who can’t have them? Some people are good at making music: are they required to play for free to those who have no musical talent. What about people with a green thumb: are they have socially responsible for providing vegetables to those of us who can’t/won’t grow anything?

      • Betty

        ummmm….what? nobody said she was responsible for providing anybody with children. But she gave birth to them and then murdered them as infants. Their point is that rather than committing a hideous crime that will put her in jail for the rest of her life (which will be short, I’m sure, because somebody will kill her in there), she could have just given them up for adoption. The fact that you are arguing about vegetables and music in the midst of infanticide is nauseatingly ignorant.

      • Karen

        I do not think Anna was saying to have babies for others, BUT why kill a baby when other people would be willing to care for the child. The mother is sick

  • sandy

    She could have made 6 people who yearn to be a mother and can’t be truly blessed! I just can’t understand!

    • lori tanner

      this female (if they are hers) ain’t like you and me. if she didn’t want them why would she think someone else might. the babies must have been ill gotten or something.

  • Melissa Austin

    She needs to be exterminated….how did she carry this many babies and nobody ever know she was pregnant or that she had these babies. My guess is there is someone who knew all this and played a part in it.

  • athynz

    Quite a few questions left unanswered here. 1) Was there DNA evidence that these children were hers? I’m suspecting so but it would be nice if that bit of info was in the article. 2) Did NO ONE notice she was pregnant 7 times? If so did anyone wonder what happened to the children? 3) How did her estranged husband not notice?

    • Dianne M

      Excellent questions, Athynz. I agree. We need more info. But unfortunately, the media sometimes chooses to leave out the full scale of important issues in an attempt to drum up attention. Not that any of it would excuse her actions, but it would be helpful to know exactly how this entire thing transpired. And if media doesn’t have those answers, I think they should refrain from reporting the story until it is available. I realize that would potentially make the story less interesting. But I’m sure others would agree, I’m tired of receiving PART of the story. I’m reminded of Paul Harvey who used to report “The Rest of the Story” in situations like this. We need a new Paul Harvey!

    • Marie

      Because one is done under a doctors care with medical expertise and staff, after the mother receives a lot of individual counselling to explore all possible options and the other was not. Dont get me wrong, by no means do I want to get into a disagreement with someone over abortion issues… I try to stay neutral on that because I feel every situation is different. But you asked what the difference was? Well legally, this is it. If she didnt want these babies, she should have kept her legs closed, or aborted it or gave it up for adoption at birth. How a mother could look into the face of a child she had and do what she did, is a sociopath. She did it with no guilt or remorse… no feelings at all. if she had any normal reactions of guilt, she wouldnt have kept doing it so many times!! So a person who could do that with no feelings whatsoever, is a monster. Locking her up is too good for her… I doubt jail would teach her that her actions were wrong. And she didnt seem to go to any real extreme to hide the babies… she just moved out and left em. I do NOT understand how she could get pregnant that many times and no one noticed that these newborns were nowhere to be seen? most new moms are never far from their new baby. And what about the father(s)?

  • shdw2awhitewolf

    O and let me add to this too that not only do I believe is she a sociopath, but she is also a bully too. she hurt defenseless babies… wish she wouldve went up against another adult if she had anger or aggression issues… well we will see how well she does when she gets to prison…. cuz there is no excuse for that many babies to die at her hands…. absolutely none. And if neighbors didnt figure out something wasnt adding up with her multiple pregnancies and no children seen after all those years playing outside or getting on a bus, that says a lot about the community she lives in too. People are so busy not wanting to get involved that in my opinion makes them just as guilty as she is. They couldve saved a life or two or uh, SIX!

    • athynz

      I love how you automatically have made her guilty without any facts. There are more than a few unanswered questions here and you mindlessly jump on the crucifixion bandwagon. Yes if she is guilty then she needs to be punished. Her guilt has not yet been proven.

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