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Families sue Disney over disabled access ride policy

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (WTVR) — A new policy allowing guests with disabilities quick access to rides and attractions at Disney parks and resorts has angered some families.

Kid-free Vacations - DisneylandAs a result, some families of children with disabilities filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney Co. theme parks and resorts in Anaheim and Orlando, Fla. last week in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, according to The Los Angeles Times.

According to the suit, the families said the new policy makes it so hard for visitors with disabilities, especially autistic children, to get on a ride that they feel unwelcome at Disney parks.

In the past, visitors with disabilities and their family members were given a card that allowed them to skip long lines, go to the front of the line and get on a ride. However, guests now are given a card that lets them to return to the ride at a scheduled time.

The suit alleges that current policy, which went into effect after reports of families hiring disabled people in an effort to bypass lengthy lines, discourages guests with disabilities from visiting the parks.

Disney representatives said their company completely complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act and dismissed the claims in the suit.

“Disney Parks have an unwavering commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all our guests,” the company said in a statement.

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  • Cindy

    I am glad there is a new policy. It is hard to believe that some idiots hire handicapped people just so they can skip the line. Well, no more of that!

    • Not Handicapped

      The handicapped hire themselves out because the amount of money they get from Social Security disability to get by in life is pathetic. This new policy may be part of a lawsuit, but it won’t take long before the handicapped hires get used to the appointment system. They’ll have their clients take them around from ride to ride, gathering up a bunch of appointment cards, and then return to the first ride to get on right away. It adds a little time and hassle to the process, but done “right,” you’d get the same result.

      • DUH

        @Not Handicapped – incorrect. You can only have 1 active return time on the disability card. They can’t get another one until they use it so there’s no way to ‘gather up return cards.’

  • Jennifer R Fraser

    Things change so much dramatically how lots of people cut in lines are very respectfulness. Disabilities come first. Don’t go to Disneyland anymore if there more problems arise. They will lose money though. I am not gonna go there anymore because of the idiot new policy.

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