Gospel Melodies by Sherry Easter

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Sherry Easter lends her singing talents on Sunday mornings in the choir at Mount Gilead Full Gospel Ministries. She recently released her new CD, 'You Did It,' that showcases a collection of hymns and original compositions. She performed the title track, ‘You Did It!’ along with ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’


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  • Josandra Faniel

    While in the studio with my sister while she ministered the 2 songs, there was such a sweet spirit in the place! She sang, as always, with passion, confidence and power! She’s on her way through the grace of God! I’m extremely proud of my sister and know & fully believe that this is just the beginning! WTVR Channel 6 people are so nice and really love what they do! Thank you for giving my sister the opportunity and exposure!! Thank you to the whole Virginia This Morning crew!

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