New Kent residents beg for traffic light after crash kills family

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NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Many in New Kent think a crash that three killed people on Courthouse Road near the entrance to Colonial Downs was inevitable.

Mario Nava, who knew the victims, told CBS 6 that the intersection needs a stoplight.

"People don't stop. They don't yield," Brooke Ward, who works at a business near the busy intersection of Courthouse Road and Kentland Trail, told CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George.

CBS 6 questioned the Virginia Department of Transportation after viewers reached out about the lack of a stop light - complaining the intersection features confusing yield signs, slight hills and a 50 mph speed limit.

"We have carefully reviewed this intersection three times over the past seven years," Lindsay LeGrand, a VDOT spokesperson said.

However, LeGrand said that despite new development in the area, a September 2013 traffic study deemed traffic to sparse for a light. Additionally, she said that prior to this week only five accidents had occurred at the intersection since 2010.

"Due to low traffic volumes on the road this road does not qualify for signalization at this time," LeGrand said.

For residents, that news does not sit well and they fear another crash is imminent.

"That's ridiculous," Ward said.



  • Teddy N Gina Peterson

    You tell ’em Brooke! I cannot believe a few studies vs the word of the people who LIVE & WORK in & DRIVE through this area every day deems a stop light unnecessary … how many more accidents & deaths will have to occur….prayers to the family ….

  • athynz

    Hey Lindsay LeGrand, how many more people have to die at this intersection before VDOT gets off of it’s collective behind and does the right thing here?

  • Ida Atkins

    Unfortunately that is VDOT’s response every time. Their studies state there must be a certain amount of traffic and so many fatalities within their given time restraints to consider traffic lights at any intersection. This is why it took 19 yrs to get a light on US Route 54 and state route 666. Its about money plain and simple! VDOT isn’t concerned about the loss of life but numbers, statistics and money!!!!!

  • Nancy

    I can not count the times I have personally just missed having an accident myself. I use extreme caution driving in the area and it has been the results of someone else not paying attention or just not being able to see. I have also seen countless almost accidents at this intersection. The traffic in this area is by no way shape or form sparse. There is also a large amount of interstate traffic that comes to this one location that is not familiar with the dangers of this intersection. There is a blind spot at this intersection that is particularly dangerous. If you are coming from Colonial Downs and turning towards Providence Forge or headed to Dairy Queen it is the most dangerous! VDOT is risking the lives of anyone traveling in the area just to save a buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because people have been extremely lucky not to have had accidents does not count for the near-misses that have happened at this intersection.

    • Greg

      By the time a car traveling north on 155 sees traffic crossing or entering its lane, it’s too late to stop. A tractor trailer would likely hit it at speed. Now VDOT has more deaths on it’s hands. Is it worth saving the money now?

  • Becky Yates

    It’s sad that you have to have a high enough body count before VDOT will act. How many years did it take to get the stop light at the intersection of Rt 249 & Rt 33 heading towards West Point and how many lives were lost?? VDOT needs to take the word of the citizens who DRIVE that road daily and toss their traffic study out the window! I don’t even live in the county any more and know that’s a bad section of road.

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