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Richmond Walmarts might kill the organic food market

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) –Walmart is hoping to take a big bite out of the organic foods market.

The chain is teaming up with organic foods company “Wild Oats” to offer organic products on Walmart shelves.

The joint venture will start with a hundred packaged products.

They may expand later to include other things like meat.

The products will be sold at the same price as non-organic brands, and 25 percent less than organic national brands already sold at Walmart.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Richmond area Walmart stores  “are among the 2,000 Walmart stores receiving the products as part of the initial rollout,” according to Walmart spokeswoman Danit Marquardt.




  • Jeff S

    Is there more to the story? I don’t see where the connection is made between this and the Organic food market being killed. offering organic products at the same price as non-organic would only expand the market to people who couldn’t otherwise afford the more expensive organics, not kill it.

  • Jack

    Misleading headline. Walmart will expand the market. It may kill some high profit margins and exclusivity–all to the good.

    • Jeff S

      Got it. That makes way more sense. I guess headlines draw in readers more so than the actual content. Lol. I might not have clicked on the “Walmart is getting really competitive in the Organic food market” headline. Or maybe I still would have. I’ve been wondering when Organic was going to become more mainstream.

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