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Son wants to know why ‘someone would stab daddy?’

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Frisby’s Side Door at 2150 Anderson Highway in Powhatan (PHOTO: Google Maps)

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A stabbing outside a Powhatan bar left one man with a hole in his chest and his family in search of answers. Timmy Worley was stabbed in the chest outside Frisby’s Side Door along Anderson Highway in Powhatan early Sunday morning. Worley said the five-inch stab wound sits just atop his diaphragm.

Worley, who is now out of the hospital, said the person who stabbed him came from behind and that no one who witnessed the stabbing has come forward tell to investigators the truth.

“He left the bar and was getting into his friend’s truck when a man came from behind him and stuck the knife into his side and then ran off,” Worley’s wife wrote in an email. “We have an eight-year-old son that doesn’t understand why someone would do this to his daddy.”

The Powhatan Sheriff’s Office confirmed it received a call from Frisby’s Side Door about 1 a.m. Sunday that advised of a fight in progress.

“Officers responded and investigation revealed that a white male had been stabbed and transported to a local hospital prior to their arrival,” the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office wrote in a statement.

Investigators asked anyone with any information about the stabbing to call the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office at 804-598-5656 or Powhatan Crime Solvers at 804-403-HELP (804-403-4357).


    • Bobbie D. Younce

      Well you better alert every establishment in the USA that they should start closing at 10p.m. and stop serving alcohol because afterall the only reason a person would be stabbed is because they are out drinking at 1 a.m. Really?

  • Tee Tee

    What does him staying out til 1 am have to do with anything! Hes a GROWN MAN…soooo just because he’s out late…he deserves to get stabbed REALLY??? People please THINK before you comment.

  • Clotus Jones

    Maybe Daddy got stabbed because Mommy doesn’t like it when he stays out late getting liquored up with other Mommies.

    • Bobbie D. Younce

      Okay Clotus, I realize that usually people speak from experience, but just because the only reason you are out at 1a.m. has to do with doing other mommies, doesn’t mean that it is the only reason everyone else in the world is out at 1a.m. ( actually facts be told, she was headed home at 1 in the a.m.) what world are you people living in? People are out at 1 a.m. all of the time, after movies, concerts, eating breakfast in the all nite diners, and I know plenty who do it and are not drinking, that’s an ignorant blanket assumption and yes my name is real, I don’t hide behind fake names) ….

  • Pam McCall

    Looking at these comments no wonder the world is the way it is! Seriously? you would say to an 8 yr old child the comments you all have said??? It’s aa child people not an adult!! Stop treating children as if they are adults, let them be kids for as long as they can be after all we all were kids to begin with did our parents talk to us that way? did they allow other adults to speak to us like this???? NO!!! So i ask where have the values that YOUR PARENTS taught you gone too???? because obviously from where im sitting all of you have thrown them in a closet somewhere and slammed the door on them!!!! To the child: Sometimes sweetie bad things happen to people, we don’t always know the reason why, but god does, So trust in god sweetie! And say a little Thank-You to god for allowing your daddy to still be here to see everyday and to love!

    • snogale

      Lol, this comment made my day, lets deconstruct this folks. First of all, at some point, the kid is not going to be a kid, he is going to go to middle school and high school, the REAL world, and if his mommy keeps him all sweet and soft, he is probably going to get bullied, and we all know were that leads to, 2nd of all the values are gone, the internet has destroyed it, so has religion, 3rd of all, what does god have to do with this? How the does he know the reason, when before this story broke, u didnt even know who these people were? You are seriously been brainwashed, but your a european so yeah,

  • Brandie

    You are a VERY rude person. I do happen to know how this guy is and if he wants to go out at 1 in the morning, he can. It’s not up to strangers to tell him what he can and can not do. And please learn your “you’re and your’s”. Thanks.

    • snogale

      Ok, I don’t care if you know how this guy is doing, it is not important to the conversation, And i never brought up him going out @ 1 am in the morning, even though i think it’s ridiculous. It’s called an opinion, I stated my opinion, you stated yours. Your ad homin attacks are weak and can’t stop me. 2nd of all it is the internet, i could care less how i spell my words. Seriously get a Life.

  • Bonnie

    Snogale: If you want to deconstruct this, lets do this…you must have been one of those so called bullies in middle and high school. What do you really have to do with this anyway? This entire family has gone through a really rough life and they don’t need someone who knows absolutely nothing about anything to do with a real life telling them why this happened. Before you start making accusations and spitting out your opinion…put yourself in Timmy’s shoes. He has a family to take care of…obvisiously, you don’t, no one will have you.

    • snogale

      Well i am still in high school, and yeah i do get bullied so what? I’m not like one of those soft white folk, who get on a webcam and cry about my life. I have a lot to do with this, I have the right to post my opinion, no matter the subject. I don’t care about what they are going thru, you probably don’t know what their going thru either so…… Why would I? That is completely impossible so why bother. And wow, nice ad hominem attack their, by saying no one will have me, I am shocked…. Wow you guys are mentally weak…. lol

      • David

        Children should be seen and not heard. In your case, self centered jerks should neither be seen nor heard. Learn something before you comment. Don’t be like the losers athynz or manalishi.

      • athynz

        I’m still in David’s head. It’s funny. And more than a bit creepy.

        snogale while you and I don’t agree on this or some other things I do agree that you have same right to your opinion as I do mine and we both have the right to express it.

  • Jen

    We would like to thank Larry for getting Timmy to the hospital as fast as he did and for the Ambulance drivers that transported him to MCV. You both saved his life and we are forever grateful for that.

  • robby

    “soft white folk”snogale.I assume your saying your a black high school student?that should be headline news in itself,good job

  • Dave

    just speculating here from past experience and observation. most folks don’t go around stabbing random people. so,.. there is more to this! I would say this guy shot his mouth off to someone who he should NOT have. just because your a loud mouth tough guy don’t mean your bullet proof or in this case shank proof! sounds like he bullied the wrong guy inside the bar or maybe even someplace else all together who knows. but like I said people “NOT EVEN HARDENED CRIMINALS” simply go out randomly stabbing folks. yes occasionally it does happen but generally when that happens it don’t stop at one stabbing. this guy was targeted for a reason in my opinion. so maybe the child needs to know Daddy should not have done what ever he did to warrant this action against him. stop being a tough guy and treat people with more respect. you never know when you will push someone over the edge to a desperate measure. also just so you all know I do NOT know this person. I seen it posted on facebook and since the mother felt it was necessary to put the child’s question to the public and channel 6 asked the question. then I felt she wanted folks to answer with honest insight and opinion. I’m sure she knows the type of person her husband is and how he treats others. if my assumption / opinion is wrong then I’m sorry, but that don’t change anything. lets all be a little nicer to each other and maybe then people wont get pushed over the edge.

    • Bobbie D. Younce

      I’ve replied to you twice already Dave, and censorship must be at work here as I’ve yet to see my post…let’s try one more time…..

      Words do not excuse attempted MURDER…even in the case of ‘fighting words’ one can stand up and fight like a man not as in this case (and you don’t KNOW that there were actually any fighting words) someone can sneak up from behind like a little coward and stab a man as he gets into a vehicle! Which was the case, hence, he is leaving any scene that may have taken place if indeed one did meaning that this is no longer about self defense, IF, again that was even needed…..NO, that’s VENGANCE, PREMEDIDTATION, COWARDICE and stabbing someone in the chest five inches deep breaking ribs and running away is what I would call Malicious wounding at the least and attempted murder at worst. I have some quotes for you about your ‘ASSumptions, and Opinions (you know how they are like a$$ holes) but I will spare you those in an effort to be a ‘little nicer’ as you say….because after all, you implying ANY WORDS,(shooting off at the mouth) justify stabbing a man from behind is a ‘little nice’ right? Your comments leave me with an ASSessment of you that suggests you might be something of an ASSumption yourself…but I wouldn’t want to judge you based on your opinion about a news story that truly doesn’t say much other than that a family is asking for information that might help an 8 year old rest a little easier at night. IF I judged you for that, it might not be a ‘little bit nice.”

      • Bobbie D. Younce

        spare me the comments on grammar and spelling too folks…this is third time I’ve replied and I’m feeling a little not nice about it…..fingers flying!

      • Dave

        there are obviously two Daves here. I wrote the “just speculating” nothing else under dave or david or anything else was written by me. coward? well yes, that’s my point don’t run your mouth or intimate people because some folks take threats seriously and NOT with a grain of salt. if you claim you will hurt them or you push them in a corner they will lash out. and yes they will do this to their advantage. there is no such thing as a fair fight. if your bigger and stronger and more intimidating than someone how is that fair? then to make things more fair they must use other resources such as walking up behind you with a brick, driving an ice pick in your throat, in other words evening up playing field. the wife herself stated on facebook “they knew who the person was” this tells me something right there. it tells me he has created an enemy! he has disrespected someone to the point the wife believes they would resort to this measure. these were her words. NOT mine. so I don’t know what argument you have with the other Daves on here but that is not me. I simply stated my assessment of the situation based on theory and deduction of facts as I have read them. my message to all is once again lets be nicer to one another and help one another and spread love and good cheer so people don’t get pushed into doing things like this. if you think your all that and can intimidate folks at anytime you want just remember you may get away with that with 99% of people out here but one day you will cross paths with that 1% who has had enough of being pushed around and bullied. don’t call him or her a coward when they finally lash out and mess up your day to the point your kids have to ask why? that’s my point I hope I have made it clear with hurting any ones feeling. that is not my intent. I’m all about helping others spreading love and good cheer. please have a blessed night!

  • Bobbie D. Younce

    I am referring to you Dave….and the speculation, observation and assumption….again you are assuming something was said to intimidate someone, and then saying that it’s okay to stab someone over those words, or threats and get em before they get you….meanwhile you say you don’t personally know anything about this and you are using the wife’s own words…She said, ‘they know who did this’ that doesn’t mean that the guy had a reason or a right to do it- just that someone has been fingered by someone else who is afraid to be as forthright as they need to be. I’m not going to say anymore about it, because I’m not trying to jeopardize any privy info that will lead to an arrest here. Your observations come across as justification for the person who stabbed this man to do so because they may have felt intimidated by something that was said. My point is even if that happened and we don’t know that it did, (unless you actually DO know something) that is not self defense…and it needs to be addressed, investigated and something needs to be done. There are many lessons to be learned for sure, by Tim and all of us, about where you go, and when, and who or IF you talk to anyone, and so forth and so on, but none of that excuses or justifies stabbing another person. Truth be told, there is a REASON that everything happens, but that doesn’t make it right. Serial killers have a reason for doing what they do, something is wrong with their minds. Abusers have a reason for abusing, usually something bad happened to them too along the way, and thieves steal for a reason, be it need or laziness and so it goes on and on…we all can find reasons we do things but that doesn’t make everything we do right. Wrong actions should have to pay the price…Tim is paying a price for something he may or may not have done Saturday nite, fortunately it’s not his life though it could have been…the stabber needs to pay his price too, for the safety of anyone else who might rub him the wrong way purposely or UNpurposely. It IS very nice of you to give the stabber the benefit of the doubt, and assume the victim asked for it somehow. Goodnite Dave, spread some cheer and have a blessed nite as well. Great dialogue in theory…but I think they are hoping for someone with some facts to come forward instead of our well intended but useless debate so I’m going to leave it at that and just wait for God and Karma and Justice to do their thing.

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