Police seek hit-and-run driver after woman’s body found

UPDATE: Henrico mom accused of killing twins faces new charges

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- A woman arrested more than 15 years after she allegedly tossed her dead babies down a trash chute at a Lawrenceville college is facing additional charges. But in court today Judge Nathan Lee granted Darnesha Berry a $50K secured bond, while her lawyers prepare to defend those new charges.

The prosecution and defense reached the agreement for bond shortly after the judge called for a recess to consider when Berry would go to trial. However the two sides did not agree on everything. Berry's lawyers raised questions about different reports from several medical examiners. The first medical examiner overseeing the case 15 years ago reported Berry's newborn twins sustained blunt force trauma. But that medical examiner has since retired. The defense told the judge the new medical examiner reported there may not have been blunt force trauma. Because of the difference in reports, a third 'independent examiner' was brought in. The various findings led Berry's lawyer Arnold Henderson to tell the judge "We have to look at it (the case) in a different light. We should not be forced to go forward with a speedy trial." The judge agreed, changing the trial date from April 28th to September 29th.

berryCBS 6 News has learned Darnesha Berry was indicted on two charges of felony child neglect and two charges of felony murder in February. Berry was previously indicted on two first-degree murder charges last year.

Detectives allege Berry tossed the bodies of her newborn twins, a boy and a girl, down a trash chute while she was a student at Saint Paul’s College in 1998.

The case went cold until CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil's investigation brought new attention to the case and investigators received new leads.

Police charged Berry with the twins' murder in July after DNA linked her to the cold case.

Police sources told CBS 6 that feminine hygiene products removed from a trash bag outside Berry’s western Henrico townhome helped investigators identify her as the newborns' mother.

Berry, who is a married and the mother of three children, lived in the St. Paul’s College dorm where the babies were killed, but was not considered a suspect at the time of their deaths.

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    • kitty

      Trial date Jan.21 2015..hope they show it on TV…sick witch that is a horrible thing to carry around for 15 years… And live like nothing happened I know her family is shocked, confused and disgusted…

    • athynz

      Did I miss something? She allegedly killed her 2 newborns – I say allegedly because it has not been proven yet. What other murder was there that she supposedly committed? Also when those murders – if they were murders – took place she was not a suspect. What I’m saying in a long winded way is that your post makes little sense to me.

  • jannie

    Robby, color is not the issue, if thats the case white females has been killing their kids for years.

  • kitty

    Another black…..correction another sick women killed her children… Always got to throw the race card….its sad that you really think like this…we all bleed red blood

  • athynz

    What does the color of her skin have to do with anything? There are white women who have killed or tried to kill their children. Besides all that has been proven thus far is that the newborns are hers. Were they actually murdered or was it something else? THAT is the reason they are bringing in a third medical examiner, right?

  • Gabby

    Brunswick county must be proud, first the college, next an alleged murder, next the public school is going broke, next the volunteer fire fighters were getting paid and now the fire department is gone broke, the department of social service is at a deficit. Wayne Coviil use to report down there now he has stopped. Why so much negativity from such a small populated area?

  • nice day

    one of the question that havent been answered during this whole thing is who helped her i seriously doubt she had two kids in her dorm room and walked to the bathroom killed the babies and cleaned up without any of her friends knowing

    • Brian

      I found this:

      You don’t have to be a lawyer to have heard the term “innocent until proven guilty.” A fundamental concept in the United States justice system, the expression was first used in the Bill of Rights to ensure all citizens receive a fair trial if they are ever charged with a crime, a principle known as due process of law.

      As the founders of the United States realized, the rights of the accused must be protected if we want to maintain a functioning democratic society and prevent the government from abusing its authority. Therefore, the Constitution grants protections for citizens if they are accused of a crime and details the requirements that must be met before you can be convicted of that crime. Your innocence is assumed until these conditions are met. In other words, you are innocent until proven guilty.

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