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The dangerous mistake drivers make at this intersection every day

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – At the intersection of Ironbridge Rd. and Beach Rd., cars and SUVs perform a metallic ballet every day. But for Chesterfield Police close calls are far too common.

Many drivers ignore the law and turn onto Ironbridge Rd. without regard for other drivers making legal u-turns, police said.

Iron Bridge and Beach

Police should know. They have a front row seat to the near miss parade. Police headquarters sits at the intersection. While no crashes have been reported there, officers write tickets to drivers who disobey the rules of the road.

“Police are reminding drivers that vehicles turning right from Beach Road onto eastbound Iron Bridge Road must yield to vehicles making a U-turn onto eastbound Iron Bridge Road,” Chesterfield Police wrote in a message they asked the media to relay to drivers.

Similar problems happen at several spots around Central Virginia like along Monument Ave. in the city and at Gaskins and West Broad St. in Henrico County.

Nearly 40 accidents were reported at the West End intersection last year.

According to the National Safety Commission there are some rules to follow when making a U-Turn.

  • Always look for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Always look right and left before beginning your turn
  • Complete your turn as soon as traffic clears and never back up at an intersection.

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  • Marcus

    What am I not understanding here? Wouldn’t the most simple solution be to either make it a no turn on red or no U-Turn?

    (Unrelated to this specific story but while we’re on the subject of U-Turns… if there is a no left turn sign at an intersection is it legal to make a U-Turn? Or would it be illegal since making a U-Turn would partially involve a U-Turn?)

    • Marcus

      Ugh. That last line I wrote should be, “Or would it be illegal since making a U-Turn would partially involve a left turn”.

    • Holly

      So… your solution to people not following traffic laws is to change the intersection so that the people who are wrong would be right? That seems counterintuitive.

      A U-turn is considered a kind of left turn, so if there’s a no left turn sign you cannot make a u-turn. But you can still make left turns if it says no u-turn. It’s like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle’s not a square.

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