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Chris Brown being held in Virginia jail

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Chris Brown appears in court on Monday, March 17, 2014, after being locked up in jail on a probation violation warrant the previous Friday.

(CNN) — Singer Chris Brown was being held in a Virginia jail Thursday while he awaits trial in Washington D.C. for misdemeanor assault, the facility confirmed Thursday.

He is being held in Warsaw, Virginia.

The U.S. Marshals Service delivered Brown there on Monday after a five-day cross country trip via the Justice Department’s Con Air — the nickname for the federal government’s Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System.

The trial is likely either on April 19 or 21, following the trial of his bodyguard.

Once the Washington case is concluded, Brown is to be returned to the Los Angeles County jail the same way he got to Washington — via Con Air.

If he is acquitted in the trial, however, it is expected his lawyer Mark Geragos will attempt to persuade the Los Angeles judge to allow him to fly back to California on his own.

The singer and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, are charged with hitting a man on a sidewalk just blocks from the White House in October.

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  • Sexcnva

    Chris is too talented for all this unnecessary mess. Grow up son and stop bringing embaressment to your family. With this type of behavior, your family also suffers the consequences! Money can’t buy you out of everything. I hope Chris gets it together before he does prison time for the long haul.

  • isso

    Life principles ascertain that sooner or later there are actual consequences for one’s own personal actions, decisions,
    and life style choices.

  • babygirl

    Lord have mercy you guys at like he killed people. He made a mistake that at the age of 19 just like all of you have he regrets that do you. This young man have paid for that since 2009. You guys should be praying for him not stoning him. You are not GOD. You all should ask GOD for forgiveness for all your wrong doing and your thoughts about him. he have rights and the way the law did him is shameful. I pray for Chris Brown that he get out of this mess and back to his life. I also pray for all of you make you all have a blessed life.

    • Meh

      I never beat a womans face in at 19. In fact, I don’t personally know a single person who has. Seems like a pretty severe “mistake”, followed by other violent incidents such as what he is on trial for now. The man needs jail time or he will never learn that there are consequences for your actions. Don’t make light of this using your religion as a scapegoat.

    • athynz

      I’m curious if you would have the same reaction if it was you, your mother, your daughter, your female friend, etc. that Chris Brown beat. Face it, the man is violent. I use the word “man” but no real man beats a woman.



    • athynz

      The state is not racist although there are some racists that live in the state – which is likely the case with every state. Insults will not further your cause or prove your point. Chris Brown is not 19. It’s not a mistake, it’s not a race issue, a wealth or talent issue, or a jealousy issue but an issue with a violent man who is unable to control himself. We can multitask so we can discuss this, the state of our corrupt government, Rosanne Barr’s weight loss, the Nevada rancher issue, and other things. #turnyourcapslockoff


        The commonwealth is one of the most racist states there is, just like florida, arizona etc. True indeed every state has some sort of racism within but come to virginia where they sold and kept slaves, the proof is pudding do your history lesson. But my point is that no one should be on here judging a 19 or 21 year old , however old that young guy is. He is young with alot of money without guidance, you take any young person and give them that type of money- problems will follow thats a guarantee. The problem all falls back on our government at the end of the day, television, social media etc. no type of filter for younger america. With that being said you turn on the news an see the outcome, kids going in schools killing one another, mass shootings, killings of unarmed citizens. The issues in the world is way bigger than chris brown and his girlfriend fight in 2009, all im saying is take that criticism to your local congressman, governor, mayor or whomever to try make fwd progesss not redicual celebritys. #capsoff

      • athynz

        Caley – There is no denying the history of the slave trade in the state – however that is in the past where it belongs if the institution of slavery truly “belongs” anywhere. That history does not dictate the outrage over the actions of Chris Brown – again he is a violent individual who has hurt people and he should be made to pay for his actions just like anyone else. The fact that he is a young celebrity should make no difference nor should his skin color. And trust me – I know there is much more going on than the overdue incarceration of a violent criminal but the topic is also of interest to me and to others as well. Is this topic as important or more so than the state of our government, the Nevada rancher issue, or our children being killed in schools? Not at all.

  • Tunde

    Just let diz guy be free, beating rihanna doesnt mean anythine. Actually no 1 knw what really cause the beating we just heard about the rumon plz let diz guy go. Have really miz him.

  • BO

    caley,how long do we have to hear ancient history?move, go to Africa but please give everyone a break with the BS.

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