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From hospital bed, Waverly shooting victim urges an end to violence

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WAVERLY, Va. (WTVR) -- Raheem White was shot outside a family member’s home ten days ago and is now recovering from a collapsed left lung at Chippenham Hospital.

Wednesday night he hoped his message to the man who shot him was louder than the crack of gunfire that put him here.

The shots rang out at a home on Elm Street in Waverly.

"As I was walking towards the crowd, I heard three shots," White said from his hospital bed. Raheem and two others hit the ground.

"I felt something leaking from my side," White said and realized a bullet had caught him in his left side. "It missed my heart by inches and now it's in my back."

Sussex investigators quickly arrested Kayson Brown and charged him with three counts of conspiracy to commit second degree murder along with other charges.

"Bullets don't know no name," said White’s neighbor Keesha Giffin, who is also a mother. She said the shooting and violence were upsetting. "The bullets could've gone anywhere and we have kids all up and down this street. It's sad people bring that drama to this neighborhood."

Investigators say an argument triggered the shooting. But White says he doesn't know the man police have arrested or how he got caught up in the confusion.

"I'm innocent to what happened,” White said. “I'm in pain. These guys need to stop. It's too much. You can't take a life that's not yours, just chill."

White hopes his message resonates with other shooting victims who are lucky enough to survive.

"One voice, one message,” he said. “I'm not going to be silenced. Somebody has to talk... I'm not scared at all."

hile the incident occurred in the town of Waverly, manpower issues at the police department led the chief of police there to pass the case on to Sussex County, whose deputies have more resources to handle the investigation.


  • Tee Tee

    Lord please wrapped Raheim in your arms amd keep him. Please bring healing to his body in the name of Jesus, AMEN!!!

  • mikey

    anytime one is shot they call for a end to the violence and have a vigil.Here’s a idea for you,end the violence before shots ring out daily in your and now my community and no need for so many vigils.

    • Clotus Jones

      Oh, they’ll probably have a vigil. Every time one of them gets shot, they hold a vigil at the scene of the shooting. They light candles, and cry and sing. Afterwards there’ll be a pile of small, filthy stuffed animals and empty liquor bottles on the ground. For some reason those people like to leave empty liquor bottles at shooting scenes. Then about a week later, someone else will get shot, and they’ll hold a vigil…etc

  • Sexcnva

    @Clotus_Jones…yall people cant get together either without getting wasted, getting high on meth, stabbing each other, or sleeping with your best friend girlfriend/boyfriend. Need I say more?

  • mmmm

    White people always shooting and stabbing innocent people. .. better watch your back. Can’t even send your kids to school without worrying about them sending their kids to school hurting other kids or personnel because they’re having a bad day.

  • Sick of this area

    This guy has been a pain to the community and law enforcement, his big mouth finally caught up to him. Hope you will start acting like a grown man instead of dating them also.

  • Raheem

    At The End Of The Day I Was An Innocent Victim. My Personal Life Has Nothing To Do With What Took Place. I Am Still Here Because God Wanted Me Too. To Stereotype African Americans For Incidents Like This Is Wrong, Things Like This Happen In Different Races, Most Caucasion Incidents Are More Gruesome, Terrifying, And Disturbing So Please Think Before You Shoot The Race Card. Ending Violence Should Be Promoted On A Daily Basis, Not Just After Something Extreme Happens! These Comments Show How Just As Much As The Coward Using The Gun Is Similiar To How So Many Of You Cowards Become So Brave Behind The Keys Of A Computer!

    • Hate criminal scumbags

      Just hope our tax money isn’t paying for his hospital bills but out there handouts are freely given for certain people. If the local police can not handle their job then they need to get someone in there that can.

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