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Richmond Police have nothing more to say about Church Hill incident

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) --CBS 6 has recently received multiple inquiries from the public about the status of an internal investigation stemming from a Church Hill traffic stop that went viral over a month ago.

The witnesses who shot cell phone video in Church Hill on March 2 claimed the driver of a vehicle that almost hit them is the daughter of a local police officer, and that she was drunk.

They said that her father appeared to be picking her up from the scene, and that the responding officer allowed her to leave without even a sobriety test. You can see some of this happening in the video.

You can read details on what happened before the man she called dad arrived, according to witnesses.

In response to the social media firestorm, Richmond Police launched an internal investigation, and asked the public to come forward with any information about what they saw that night.

When CBS 6 asked Friday if the internal investigation was over, we received a response stating simply: "We'll not have anything more to say about the investigation."

CBS 6 responded to let Richmond Police know that viewers specifically asked about the outcome of the internal investigation, but no response was made.

If you remember the story that CBS 6 did six days after the event, we tracked down the man who wears a yellow sweatshirt in the video. Richmond Police have confirmed tht man in the yellow sweatshirt is not a Richmond police officer.

We went to the resident of the driver of the car, as well as the home of the man seen in yellow. The man who answered the door–seen in yellow in the video–did not want to talk. He slammed the door in our face.

Records indicate this man is not currently an officer. His father, based on online records, appears to have been a Richmond Police officer.

Business records indicate he is a contractor. The truck that witnesses say he drove at the scene in was parked outside.


  • Glen Allen

    More corruption under the control of Mayor Dwight Jones, while justice may not be served here, with luck, hopefully the young lady will have learned a lesson, and will get someone else to drive for her when she is in the condition displayed the night in question. Maybe the Mayor can spare one his tax payer provided driver goons next time.

  • Delrose

    Wish I had a loud, burly man to save me from any form of prosecution. Congrats on your diplomatic immunity, Kaaatie, and good luck with adulthood.

  • Julia Thompson

    I believe I would ask for the States Attorney’s Office to look into this incident and begin investigating for criminal misconduct. This kind of thing is not a “one time” event. More like a tip of the iceberg and Richmond Police stonewalling and obfuscating will dig their hole deeper….but it is up to the general public to put this to the State.

  • USN ret.

    And then you can ask the state attorney to explain police discretion. Once you’ve wasted several hours of your day on some bogus claim (from which your only knowledge comes from some report that doesn’t have the full story only shock value)You can sleep better at night.

    • Vastly Amused

      I understand police discretion. But I also understand why people are upset over this, and how the RPD isn’t doing anything but making it worst but giving such an answer.
      Simple solution: a responsive answer such as “We’ve investigated, found XYZ, determined action was/was not required, and took/did not take same.”
      Will not make everyone happy- but it will satisfy the great majority of folks.

  • BO

    Richmond has a good police dept. that does’nt nitpick like the counties.if it was your daughter you would have done the same thing.stop the witch hunt.

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