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Chesterfield Board votes to defer real estate tax vote — for now

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday on County Administrator Jay Stegmaier’s proposed budget which includes a 4.5-cent real estate tax increase.

Part of the increase would go to fund a federal mandate for storm water cleanup to improve the Chesapeake Bay.

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During the meeting, a motion was passed to defer the tax rate vote for two weeks.

Stegmaier, who told CBS 6 he had no idea what would happen at the meeting, said the board could accept the tax increase, accept a reduced tax increase, or could instead opt to cut roughly $10 million from the budget.

Chesterfield Board Chair Jim Holland said the decision is “changing by the minute,” and he does not expect the tax increase to pass.

The proposed tax increase come after residents approved capital projects, but voted against a meals tax.

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  • Gerry

    It surelye would be needed. Is it 4.5 cents per $100? Ona 150K house that would be $37.50 more per month. A little bit more per check, but less than a night out for a family.

  • sicsemper

    Of course they will raise them. Tired of hearing about the Red Herring Meals Tax, anyone who does a little research knows that was only going to cover a small portion of their outlays anyway. This was all part of the plan. They just wanted the meal tax hoping they would catch less hell over this. If you recall the Board fought having the referendum, they just wanted to do it themselves (and it started out at 4% remember, and lowered to 2% to try to help it pass). Liars one and all. Just be honest up front, raise the dang tax, and take the heat. We’re all grown ups.

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