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An English teacher at McKinley High School (city unknown) received a letter from one of her students that was taped to the door of the classroom, according to a posting on Reddit.

The 101-word letter was full of grammatical and spelling errors, and also contained curse words and name calling directed at the teacher.

And how did the teacher respond?

By correcting all of the student’s mistakes.

The teacher went through and sliced and diced the letter in red marker, noting everything from not having a date to not indenting the signature line to a comma splice.

And at the bottom, the teacher had one last smack down for the student by writing: “*Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.*”


See the letter below. Note: Some readers might find some of the language offensive.



  • Michelle

    As an English teacher myself, I love this teacher’s response! I would have noted also that the student is welcome to not do the remaining assignments, but he would be receiving 0’s and therefore, might fail the class and not graduate. Seniors seem to think that they don’t have to do work in the class when they are in the last weeks of school -WRONG! So many fail to graduate because of this assumption.

    • Susan Marlene

      Yes! I agree with you. I definitely would say to that student and anyone else (if it really is a collective), “If you don’t want to finish the work, you won’t graduate. It’s your call.” :)

    • Viki M.

      I agree completely with the teachers response. However, not all graduating seniors feel that they don’t have to comply and complete classwork . Our mantra this year is “Finish Hard” . Thank you for being an English teacher, we need you. Please don’t generalize, it is hurtful and wrong.

    • p-dawg

      Depends on what stylebook you’re using. Besides, indenting signature lines was for olden times. It’s a post-indented-signature-line world, baby! Let’s go CRAZY!!!!

    • Frankie

      You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. I chalk that up to a wild guess more than anything.

  • Gerry

    I wonder what the mmok’s resumé will loo like? By the way, the best essay of all time has to be the one where the student made each first word of each line spell out the lyrics to “never gonna give you up”!!!!

  • Gerry

    I meant write “mook”. Problem with my browser is that the first part of the reply box is superimposed with the “write your reply here” part.

  • Neko

    She doesn’t even know what student wrote it, so what will she do, put it up for all her students to look at?

  • Twizz

    She’s like those annoying kids that try and correct your status’ but you really don’t give a shit.

  • David McCombs

    Points of oppinion. Language is an always changing morphing entity, therefore, you can never spell something wrong, for in fact every person perseives the world in different ways, where all looking out a differant window. Even if where in the same house. So if you ask me the person didn’t look stupid at all, She actualy made herself look stupid, by trying to conform someone to an ever changing language and platform, he couldve provided evedence for that very fact.

    • Ben

      I understand what your point is. However, when you say “Even if where in the same house”. It is we are or we’re. C’mon man

  • jim

    That’s really pathetic. The author of that letter graduating is just another sign of how poorly educated many people are.

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