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UPDATE: 3 people killed in New Kent crash

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New Kent crash FB

NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – State Police identified the three men killed when a tractor-trailer and Toyota collided at the intersection of Route 155 and Kentland Trail in New Kent County Tuesday afternoon.

The deceased were identified as:

  • Julio C. Gonzalez-Hernandez, 61, 9000 block Suburban Village Lane, North Chesterfield, Va.
  • Javier D. Ferrer, 25, 6000 block Amster Road, North Chesterfield, Va.
  • Jose A. Lopez-Velasquez, 26, 3000 block Walmsley Blvd., North Chesterfield Va.


The driver of the Toyota, identified as 65-year-old Saul A. Gonzalez-Hernandez, of North Chesterfield, survived the crash and was charged with reckless driving.

“The driver of a Toyota was attempting to cross over Route 155 from Kentland Trail and failed to yield the right of way to the driver of a tractor-trailer,” Virginia State Police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Molnar said. “At the time of the crash, the driver of the tractor trailer was traveling south on Route 155 and was unable to avoid striking the Toyota.”

Alcohol and speed were not considered factors in the crash.


  • Cindy

    Accidents are going to continue if people don’t pay attention to he yield signs. Many drivers merging into traffic ignore the yield signs which mean they have to give right of way to the established traffic!

    • Jason

      At the location he was pulling out of it is actually a stop sign. I have seen many people treat it like a yield though.

  • josh

    Maybe so but if the drivers of these big powerful rigs would use a predictive driving strategy then they would slow down some prior to an intersection.

    • Steve

      Drivers of trucks, or any other vehicles, should not have to adjust their speed (as long as they’re not over the speed limit) just because of some dumb action that MIGHT take place by another driver that shouldn’t be out there to start with. Some folks always want to find other people to blame. Seems like that’s the case with the majority of folks today. Always looking for a scapegoat instead of “manning up” and taking responsibility for their own actions!!

  • Sherry Hoffman

    Your kind of right Josh. But it doesn’t matter how much we slow down when someone pulls out in front of you. People in all vechiles need to pay more attention. We already drive our trucks and most of us drive your cars at the same tim. I drive a truck and just today if I hadn’t been paying attentionI would of driven right over a car getting on to 64. His phone was more important than watching where he was going. I was already on 64 in the middle lane and he came off one of the on ramps straight to the lane I was in. So just be mindful that trucks don’t stop as quickly as your car will.

  • josh

    I realize that many truck drivers even losetheir own lives trying to avoid smashing into a car that has made a foolish move. Then again I see recklessness on the roads every day by trucks and cars.

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