Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Westboro Baptist Church members flee during protest in tornado damaged town

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MOORE, Okla. (WTVR) – Hundreds of people turned out to counter protest during Westboro Baptist Church’s protest in Moore, Okla. Sunday. Westboro Baptist Church members previously said God sent deadly tornadoes to Moore last year as punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality, reported KFOR in Oklahoma City.


“It’s just sickening. You know, it’s just innocent kids that lost lives and it’s sickening for them to even think that way,” counter protester Amanda Eccles said.

Eight minutes into Westboro’s planned 30-minute protest, some counter protesters crossed the street to confront Westboro members.

“I was afraid of a riot really. I didn’t know how long Westboro would stay, which they were smart to leave,” Dan Eccles said.

Police held back Moore residents while Westboro member rushed to pack their signs and leave.

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    • Kathryn Leighton

      Very articulate, you must be very well educated yourself? Nothing defeats an argument like calling someone an “idiot”. I’m assuming, Ivy League?

      Either that or he still lives with his parents and plays video games a number of hours a day.

    • Kathryn Leighton

      If Zachery here calls me a “Silly Doo Doo Head”, I don’t know if I could take it.
      Not that I’m defending Larry Priced. But Zachery’s third grade insults to things he doesn’t understand or agree with really hurt my feelings.

    • athynz

      As much as pains me in this case I have to agree with Kathryn – slinging insults is not the way to go even if his post lacks any sort of evidence of intelligence.

  • Ryan D Hall

    Don’t you just LOVE it when DUMMY IDIOTS CHERRYPICK out of context and then TURN AROUND and TWIST bible verses like the one on that sign? (Luke 6:37)


  • Ryan D Hall

    oh and i ALSO “love” how they DID NOT EVEN BOTHER to interview anyone from the Westboro folks and ONLY interviewed their “haters” … SICK, EVIL WTVR!

  • Chris

    Ryan, all religious groups cherry pick verses from their books to push their agenda; that’s how religions work.

  • Lyndsay

    Ryan, you sound like a Westboro member. Especially considering how all you care about is the publicity they could’ve received from a TV interview.

  • Michael

    How could anyone “interview” Westboro “Baptist” Cult when they tucked their tails and ran like mongrels?

  • Gerry

    How did these mooks come up with their target? Didn’t they realize that Oklahoma is a deeply red state?

  • Harry

    A minority white group that spreads hate and discrimination. Protests at soldiers funerals and at a disaster like Moore. They abuse the right of Free Speech. Maybe you should go to Kansas and join up with this inbreed group.

  • George

    Larry I think your statement of “America embraces jihad terrorists” is slightly off-the-mark. But your point seems to be that our culture’s growing tolerance of gender issues is causing “peaceful white people” abuse. Since when is “God Hates F***” peaceful… and what does any of this have to do with being white?

  • Darren Lepouce

    See, just like most racists, you turned this into a race thing. It had nothing to do with race, it’s ignorance. Some of these peoples children were killed when that tornado ripped through that school. They are trying to mourn the death of their children and this hate group shows up to protest homosexuality. What would you have done if you were crying for your kids and someone came along and told you to your face that they deserved it? This is an abuse of free speech and you should be sickened by this groups tactics

  • LLJ

    The greatest form of LOVE is to warn those whom may be offending God. God is not only LOVE he is also the one who will JUDGE all who have “CHOSEN” to live a life that offends Him, without repentance. Again I say, the greatest form of love is that of a man who will lay down his life for his brother. I applaud people who speak Biblical truth in this society which hates anything and anyone who opposes living in sin. The Church should not judge the homosexual, but it is, and has always been the job of the church to share the Word of God with the world. As a pastor, I stand with every Christian that BOLDLY states that God HATES homosexuality (For God says, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination”) Lev 18:22. He also says, “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”) Romans 1:27. OUT OF LOVE, we should not be silent about what God hates. Why, because if I love you, I don’t want to see you in offense to God. For God is the one who will decide your eternal place of residency! Yes God hates the sin of homosexuality. I never said he hates the homosexual….! Be he hates the sin! Just like he hates ALL sin! Sad, Sad, Sad, day in Moore, when thousands will show up to protest against the Word of God? Sure maybe the Westboro Church can state their claim differently, but the message is still going to be the same. SIN of any kind, is not something our nation should ever rally around….. SMH……

  • athynz

    While I am all for freedom of speech that freedom does have consequences. One of those consequences is if the message is unpopular then it’s a case of shooting – or in this case chasing away – the messenger. This is not a black or white thing but a proper chastisement to a group that has done nothing more than spread hatred and intolerance. A chastisement that did not go to far as there were no weapons drawn or fired, no one was hurt, and the WBC scumbags were chased away.

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