Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

UPDATED: State Police cruiser hits van carrying children

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--A CBS 6 viewer contacted the station after they witnessed a state police cruiser and another vehicle crash.

state trooper involved accidentThe incident occurred at Commerce Road and Everett Street, in South Richmond.

State police told CBS 6 that there are actually three pieces to this accident.

Virginia State Police spokesperson Corrine Geller said that the trooper was trying to initiate a traffic stop, on a white mini-van that was traveling along Everett Street.

State Police say their trooper tried to pull the white minivan over for expired tags and an illegal window tint around 4:30 Monday afternoon.  The van  stopped, but then took, off turning onto Everett Street on the city's Southside.

Geller said that the white mini-van made it through the intersection at Commerce, and the trooper that was following collided with the blue mini-van. Geller said the lights and sirens were on as the police cruiser traveled, through the stop sign.

"His emergency lights and sirens were activated and witnesses say they heard the sirens in advance,” said Geller.

"The occupants include a female adult driver and three children between one to ten years of age," Geller said. "The one-year-old was securely fastened in the child safety seat and was not injured."

As a precaution the infant was transported to the hospital.

Police said that everyone was transported to VCU Medical Center, with non-threatening injuries.

We will continue to update WTVR.com as information is made available.




  • Glen Allen

    I hope no one was hurt. Can never figure out why people try to run from the police, especially in vehicles not made for aggressive driving.

    • Judy Smith

      Are you sure they were running? It states the State Police was trying to initiate a stop when the van made it through the intersection… Is it possible that the officer turned on the lights and siren prior to the intersection and the van was not able to safely stop in time so continued til they could?

      Wait for the whole story before jumping to conclusions, you may be right, yet you may be wrong.

      • athynz

        “The van stopped, but then took, off turning onto Everett Street on the city’s Southside.”

        Last sentence, 5th paragraph.

  • Glen Allen

    Judy, the original article did not ha.ve as much information. You are right to wait before making a judgment

    • Gerry

      If he had lights and siren on, it wasn’t reckless. Perhaps the blue mini-van was at fault for failing to yield.

  • Chris

    All of this for an expired tag? If the police officer had such good vision to see the tag dates, maybe he should have called in the plate numbers before pursing. He nearly killed that family. Reasonable judgement should have been used. Not sure how far off of the highway he chose to follow them before turning on his sirens….before getting into a densely populated area.

  • Henry

    “All of that for expired tags” it wasn’t the expired tags, it was the fact that he ran from the police. We will never why why he ran, did he have a dead body? Did he just killed someone? Did he have drugs in the car?. We will never know, and also some drivers completely forget how to drive once they see emergency vehicles. Just like that driver that ran over and killed that trooper at the Virginia fair.

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