Gasoline-loving spiders prompt another Mazda recall

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Yellow Sac Spider (SOURCE: WikiMedia Commons)

DETROIT (WTVR) — Mazda is once again recalling thousands of its Mazda6 sedans in the U.S. over spiders.

Yellow Sac Spider (SOURCE:   WikiMedia Commons)

Yellow Sac Spider (SOURCE: WikiMedia Commons)

The company announced 42,000 Mazda6 sedans from 2010-2012 equipped with 2.5-liter engines are being recalled because yellow sac spiders like to build their nests in part of the fuel system. The concern is when the Araneae weave a web in a vent hose, a crack in the cars’ fuel tanks could occur.

In 2011, Mazda also recalled 52,000 Mazda6 sedans over the spiders, which are attracted to hydrocarbons in the fuel system.

In that similar recall, the evaporative canister vent line runs from a charcoal-filled canister that cleans air coming out of the gas tank. Blockage of the line can prevent air from getting into the gas tank as the gasoline is used, resulting in negative air pressure inside the tank. That can lead to a crack in the gas tank and the possibility of a fire.

To fix the issue, Mazda will offer a free software update to make sure fuel tank pressure does not build up.

No injuries or fires have been reported in connection to the recall, according to Mazda.

CNN Money contributed to this report. 

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