Tyson recalls 75,320 pounds of chicken nuggets

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Tyson is recalling 75,320 pounds of chicken nuggets after some customers complained about finding small pieces of plastic in their food.

The recall includes Tyson 5-pound bags of frozen, white meat chicken nuggets that were sold at Sam’s Club stores across the country.

Complaints of plastic pieces in the nuggets were received by a “small number of customers,” the company said Friday. The problem was traced to a product scraper inside a blending machine, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The affected chicken nuggets were produced on two days, Jan. 26 and Feb.16, on a single line at one of the company’s 40 chicken production facilities.

Tyson has received reports of minor oral injury due to the consumption of the nuggets.

The recall also includes 20-pound bulk packs of nugget-shaped breast patties that were shipped for institutional use in Indiana and Arkansas. Those bulk packs have identifying case codes of “0264SDL0315 through 19” and “0474SDL0311 through 14.”

The 5-pound chicken nuggets bags have manufacturer codes of “0264SDL0315 through 19” and “0474SDL0311 through 14.” The establishment number “P-13556” can also be found on the bags.


  • Cindy

    I watched a video on how Tyson raises their chickens……deplorable conditions, closed and over crowded conditions, growth hormones in the feed, no sunlight to the chickens…..I haven’t bought Tyson chicken for almost four years, nor will I ever purchaseTyson chicken!

  • me

    TRUST Government to protect and secure the Nation’s food and water
    supply. USDA may ease chicken inspections. FDA inspects Tyson;
    “FSIS is currently working with the Chinese government to develop a timeline to inspect poultry-processing plants in that country.”
    China does export chicken for pet food. But these products have been problematic in recent years.
    Since 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has conducted extensive testing on chicken jerky treats of Chinese origin. As of Dec. 17, 2012, the FDA has received 2,674 reports involving 3,243 dogs, including 501 deaths, and nine cats, including one death.
    Government bends over backwards for Globalization.

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