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Daughter learns soldier dad wasn’t kidding when he said ‘keep your room clean’

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LONG COUNTY, Ga. (WTVR) — When dad tells you to clean your room, you clean it. Especially if your dad is a soldier at Fort Stewart.

cleanroom1[1]After getting fed up with his daughter’s messy room, Craig Schlichenmeyer told WTOC that he decided to teach his daughter a lesson by cleaning out her room.

According to WTOC, he had told the teen that if she didn’t start cleaning her room he would start treating her like a soldier.

As a result, Schlichenmeyer moved her entire room, including her bed, desk and computer, out into the home’s driveway.

Then he crafted a homemade plywood sign that reads, “Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time.”

“One day I had enough of it, I picked up her belongings and set her room up in the driveway,” Schlichenmeyer told WTOC. “I just set her room up the same way it’s set up upstairs in the driveway. To shock her.

When the girl returned home from school earlier this week she saw her belongings outside.

She was initially upset and called her father’s actions “extreme,” but her father has since hired a someone to paint her room in hopes that it will keep her motivated to keep it clean.

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