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Senator pushes to lower debit card liability after data breach

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WASHINGTON (WTVR) -- Virginia Senator Mark Warner is acting on a promise to protect citizens from fraud if their debit card is stolen.

Right now if a debit card is stolen and used by someone else, the cardholder could have to pay $500 or more of the charges made on the card.

However, credit card users are only liable to pay $50 worth of fraudulent charges.

The bill is called the Consumer Debit Card Protection Act of 2014.

Warner pledged to improve the way consumers were protected from fraud after Target's massive security breach last November.

Stay with WTVR.com and CBS 6 News as this bill as it moves through Congress.


  • manalishi

    Desperately needs some kind of distraction from his unwavering support of obozocare. Do not let this fraud around the children!

  • validgarry

    US banking has dragged it’s collective heels in improving security for customers. The likes of ‘chip and pin’ cards have been normal elsewhere for 10 years now. Customer deserve better, especially when many banks are international and already provide a better service in other countries.

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