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VIDEO: Woman punches dog outside animal shelter

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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WTVR) - The Colonial Heights Animal Shelter posted video on its Facebook page that appears to show a woman punching a dog outside the shelter.

The "punch" occurs around the :52 mark

The video was taken outside the shelter Monday night, according to the shelter's Facebook post.

"We need your help to identify this person," the post read. "Someone dropped off 5 fish tanks full of fish at our shelter. She also punched a dog that was in her vehicle."

Colonial Heights suspect 02

Rolling security cameras show the unidentified woman casually reaching into the back of her late model Ford Explorer and placing the tanks outside the locked gates of the Animal Control shelter about 9 p.m. Monday.

Surveillance cameras catch the woman in the act. What is so disturbing is that the woman can be seen punching a dog in her vehicle.

Animal abuse and trespassing charges are pending against the woman, a person familiar with the investigation said.

Animals are only accepted at the shelter during normal business hours.

The woman's vehicle appears to be a newer model silver or grey Ford Explorer, the post indicated.

"The person appears to a black female 25-35 years old. Her hair is braided in rows," the post read. "The dog in the video is a German Shepherd."

Dog owner Danny Evans of South Hill was saddened when he heard about the video.

"The woman doesn't deserve an animal if she is going to treat them like that," Evans said. "It sounds like she has anger issues. She needs therapy."

The dozens of tropical fish have all been adopted and found homes.

Colonial Heights suspect

Anyone with information about the woman is asked to call Master Officer Arehart at 804-520-9397.

"Please contact us if you can help us identify this person," the posted said. "The dog in the video will very much appreciate your help."


  • jason

    I wish I knew who this was, that way I could be there when they arrested this trash and gave the dog a good home. What a waste of space.

  • mv

    One of the cameras was being adjusted during the video, which means someone was watching it happen in real time. Why didn’t that person go to find out her license number?!

    • erik

      Nobody’s controlling the camera. That was zoomed in on footage shot from a still mounted security cam. All done in post, i.e. after the act occurred.

    • dmh

      I think MV is correct. At the .24 mark, there is what appears to be a finger, or hand, appearing in the upper left hand corner of the video. It lingers for a few seconds, then abruptly pulls away. If someone was there, why didn’t they say something to the woman, get a license plate number, or call the police?

  • Dali

    Couldn’t they get her fingerprints off the fish tank? There’s no way this garbage person hasn’t been arrested before.

  • Shaft

    who cares & what is the big deal. its an effective way to let an animal know not to do something (unless they can talk and you can tell the verbally)

    • you_said_what

      Who cares? Everyone else but you. Why because those who abuse animals are likely to abuse children and the elderly. Those who are innocent, weak or easy prey. There is also a known link between animal abuse and serial killers. Hopefully, this woman has no children, is caught soon and prosecuted.

    • Em

      It’s definitely not an effective way to let an animal know not to do something. You clearly know nothing about animal behavior. Negative reinforcement and physical punishment is just going to make a dog fear you and lash out in a potentially aggressive manner. If you’re going to punch a dog, why even have one? You clearly don’t care about it.

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