Road to nowhere: $300 million spent on Va. project but nothing built

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RICHMOND, VA (WTVR) -- Imagine spending $300 million and not having anything built, or for that matter -- the permits approved.

Governor Terry McAuliffe says that is what he recently discovered with the Route 460 connector, a 55 mile road designed to stretch south of Petersburg to the Suffolk area.

Some have referred to it as an expressway to the beach with 64 easily backing up and the current 460 at times being too narrow.

"I don't know what people were thinking," McAuliffe recently remarked on WTOP radio.

According to the Governor's office, a section in the middle of the design has yet to receive proper permitting from the Army Corps of Engineers citing wetland concerns.

McAuliffe seemed to place blame on the McDonnell administration for green lighting the project before all permits had been approved.

"If you think you can go into road construction and think you can push the Army Corps of Engineers, you are wrong," McAuliffe said.

While McAuliffe has temporarily suspended funding the project when asked if the project could be completely terminated he replied "could be!"

CBS 6 asked VDOT Tuesday if anyone is being held accountable. The Transportation Secretary was unavailable before our Tuesday deadline.

Customers at Prince George Family BBQ off Route 460 had mixed reviews on the subject when asked by CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George.

"I don't think we need one because it will interfere with our businesses," one customer opined.

Meanwhile another expressed some disappointment, hoping to one day get to Virginia Beach in a more efficient manner.

"If it can cut down on time I am all for it," Kim Grivells said.


  • jenny

    Please don’t tell me that $300 million of taxpayer money was spent on just PLANS. If so, YES! Hold that S.O.B. accountable!!

  • Samuel Lyon

    Wow we really got some retards in control of this state… 460 is just fine other than a few towns you have to slow down in. Hmm let’s think, HEY I got an idea. They could build bypass’s around those small towns and not have issues with wetlands! OR here is a better idea, Let’s widen I-64. Who am I? A tax paying Virginian who drives a truck for a living to Va. Beach from Richmond every night. I know these roads about as good as you know where your forks and knives are in your kitchen…

    • Gerry

      Good idea, but I still see wetlands being a speedbump. Plus the dreaded tunnel being a bottleneck.

    • Doug Miller

      You are absolutely right. It has never made sense to me to build a bypass for 460 when the traffic is 30 times heavier on 64 (with the same number of lanes). That $300 million would’ve made a nice start to widening 64.

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