UPDATE: Church leaders refuse to share pulpit with Pastor G

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Scandalized former Richmond megachurch pastor Geronimo Aguilar, also known as Pastor G, will be back in the pulpit for just seven minutes during a special Good Friday service at a local church.

But even that seven minutes is too much for two other local preachers who were scheduled to share the pulpit with him during the “Rush Hour to Calvary” at the historic Cedar Street Baptist Church in Richmond’s Union Hill neighborhood.

“I’m making a decision this year not to participate,” said Rev. Tyrone Nelson with Sixth Mt. Zion Baptist Church. “There’s been a lot of conversation . . . some of my members are not comfortable with it.”

Also stepping away is the Rev. Dr. Roscoe Cooper III of Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church. “I won’t be able to participate as a result of additional details that have arisen.”

Both Cooper and Nelson participated last year in the event, which features seven pastors each delivering seven-minute messages about the final seven words credited to Jesus before his crucifixion. Both spoke highly of the event and of Cedar Street’s pastor, Anthony Chandler.

“I was invited by my friend Anthony Chandler to preach for this service,” Nelson said. “At that point, I was not aware of all the details surrounding the services.  Now that I know, I am making a decision not to participate.”

Last year, Aguilar was one of four pastors that resigned for various reasons from the Richmond Outreach Center following a Board of Directors meeting and after news of the specific sexual assault allegations against Aguilar, the popular preacher credited with building the ROC megachurch.

Pastor G Cedar BaptistAguilar is out on bond, facing at least seven felony charges in Tarrant County, Texas, based on allegations that he sexually abused two girls younger than 14 during the mid-90s. He’s next court date there is June 20.

Aguilar and his family have found a home of sorts at Cedar Street Baptist. They have been going there fairly regularly, church members said, and Aguilar apparently spoke there in the summer.

“This is God’s home,” Cedar Street usher Gale Belton said. “Everyone’s welcome in the house of the Lord. (Aguilar) is welcome.”

Pastor G has long since left the ROC’s plush parsonage. And he’s no longer at his old home in Henrico, so CBS-6 couldn’t reach him for comment.

Cedar Street Baptist Pastor Anthony Chandler tweeted that the controversy will work for glory of God and provide free publicity for the  service.

Both Cooper and Nelson said they expect other pastors to fill the gaps and believe the service will be a success again this year.

Pastor G is credited with reaching out to more than 11,000 people weekly through progressive ministries and programs.

Among its services, the ROC church provides religious and Bible studies, homeless and prison ministries, addiction programs, family counseling and annual holiday events. It is widely known for busing children from the inner city to its “6-o’clock rock” Saturday services.

Mayors, governors and other civic and business leaders previously praised Aguilar and the ROC. The success of the ROC and its outreach potential led to a partnership with the city of Richmond, including the Richmond Police Department.

Some city leaders says their constituents are demanding to know how tax dollars were spent at the church.

In May 2013, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones said his administration would investigate the city’s financial dealings with the church. However, Jones questioned whether the charges against Aguilar were related to the city’s partnership with the ROC.

According to 2013 financial records, the ROC has more than $16,000,000 in assets that include a real estate foundation, thrift shop and clothing line.



  • 2Spazcat

    “Six other preachers will take the stage that night,…” Are they all child molesters too?

    • athynz

      Really? You do realize that allegations and accusations are NOT proof of having done something wrong. You DO realize this, right? Do you have any proof of him or the other pastors molesting children? No? Then stop with the unwarranted accusations.

      Now it could be that Pastor G is indeed a child molesting POS but until a jury of his peers finds him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt he is considered innocent. If he is found guilty then he needs to be put before a firing squad who’s guns are aimed at his genitals and who have been ordered to fire at will but I digress.

      • Eugene Golden

        My reply to you is since you are so much by the letter of the law…..and a big proponent of give the benefit of the doubt… would you let your child be under his care for a whole day of more? Do you have that much faith in your benefit of the doubt or would your play it safe and limit exposure to a man that has not one but multiple allegations against him?

      • athynz

        Good question! I’m glad to see someone on here who disagrees with me isn’t being insulting or trolling. Thanks!

        I would limit the exposure of course until such time as he has either gained or lost my trust just as I would with anyone who I do not know.

      • David

        “unwarranted accusations”? Simpleton. Athens you really should educate yourself more and comment less. Have you ever heard of the “moral turpitude” standard? No, you don’t have anywhere near that depth of understanding of anything. There are libraries replete with concepts with which you are confused or unaware. It is a shame that comment readers are incessantly subjected to your unmitigated ignorance.

      • athynz

        Wow, David brought his big boy words. The ignorant one here David is you. You cannot counter my point – that of innocent until proven guilty – so you try this. I’ll be the first one to tell you there are quite a few things I do not understand however you not only reveal your own ignorance but also your insecurities. You lack the intelligence to comment on the subject matter at hand and instead restrict your comments to attempting to belittle me and others on here. Come back when you can comment on the topic like an adult rather than a troll.

      • athynz

        And David – the unwarranted accusations part also extends to the other pastors on this panel who do not have any sort of criminal or morally ambiguous accusations against them other than from the OP. Reading is fundamental – I suggest you learn how to do so.

      • .................

        peter you are priceless…..insults and re-insults to all dare to have a differing opinion (how many times a day do you actually check for responses)……sad

        there is a reason you are considered a joke to those who work with you

        (and yes, I know you will undoubtedly respond with insults and brag about the size of your brain pan)

      • garrett1101

        Athynz – dude – relax. Seriously, have a blunt or something. You are wound tighter than dick’s hatband. Yes there is the whole innocent until proven guilty bit but he was arrested and is out on bond. That should tell you something.

        David – so what is your opinion on the topic? You seem to know it all so what do you know about this? And why are you insulting the guy? Did he sleep with your girlfriend, mother, boyfriend or something? Oh and the moral turpitude you referred to – it’s used mainly in immigration issues and can be grounds for refusing someone a visa or green card. Check Google.

        And then we come to whoever the coward is with the dots for a name. Yeah I called you a coward. I also will call you a hypocrite as the only post you have here is calling someone out for insulting people while you do the same thing. Priceless really. So what did this peter dude do to you – and which one is peter anyhow? Or was that some sort of Freudian slip and peter is that certain something you are lacking in your life? And I’m not seeing how your post relates to the topic. Who comment on a news article and not even discuss the topic? At least that David dude and that tool athynz actually addressed what is going on.

      • James C.

        garret ….. FYI moral turpitude clauses are commonly used in high profile corporate employment contracts, i.e. paid athletes, executive positions of leadership, corporate sponsorship, corporate positions of public trust and scrutiny. Said clauses are established practice.

      • DeborahMacaoidhSelim (@DMacaoidhS)

        It’s true that he could be found not guilty, but unless that happens, it’s not biblical for him to speak in public or be allowed to do so. The New Testament is very clear a out this. These are the rules ministers must ahree to in order to serve. There’s no point in debating the subject, and the fact that people are arguing about it is quite bizarre.

  • Tammy Baker

    You do realize that Texas doesn’t arrest people and charge them with a dozen counts of disgusting sexual assault charges without proof? You do realize he isn’t a Pastor to begin with so he shouldn’t be stepping behind a pulpit. Not to mention all of the extra marital affairs he has had and lives he has destroyed, this person shouldn’t be behind a pulpit, ever again!!

    • athynz

      Miss the part about “found guilty by a jury of his peers”? How about the whole “innocent until PROVEN guilty” concept. Do YOU have any proof of the man’s wrongdoings? If so then come forth and help put him in prison, otherwise wait for the verdict before you condemn him.

      • Joe Johnson

        This is not a strict matter of law per se. It is usual and customary for the accused of serious and moral criminal charges to step aside until cleared of the most egregious charges. It is odd that ordinary concepts like this that you do not seem to understand. Perhaps you should read more than comment.

      • athynz

        No Joe this is a matter of this man being tried in the court of public opinion based on rumor and heresy. I was originally responding to the accusation of the first commenter on here that all of the pastors were child molesters – guilt by association with someone who has not been proven guilty of that crime BTW.

        If you read my comments I never said anything about his being behind the pulpit at this time to be a good or bad thing – reading is fundamental Joe Johnson I suggest you make the effort to do so before you comment back to me. Thanks.

      • DeborahMacaoidhSelim (@DMacaoidhS)

        It doesn’t matter. He’s already been proven to have commited enough sexual acts, indulged in substance abuse and abuse of church funds to be disqualified from preaching ever again. If he confesses and shows remorse for these things, it might be possible to salvage his career in some way, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to do that, and I’m not even including the felony charges, here.

  • Cindy

    He is not an ordained Minister, his past caught up with him and he needs to get his personal life in order before getting behind the pulpit!

    • Bruce Collier

      I agree 100% with your comment.This man needs to step away from the limelight until his personal life is back in order.Until then,he has zero credibility as a man of God.Right or wrong,until this matter is settled he can only bring disgrace and scorn to the pulpit.

  • Ricky Mcintosh

    a lot of people must think they are god,judging the man and his family and it has not gone to court yet,trust me god has the final say and no body gets away with any thing

    • athynz

      Yes indeed! Some people are quick to rush to judgment before all the facts are in. It’s not a surprise really but entirely disappointing.

      • David

        No rush to judgement to realize that athenz is not the brightest crayon in the box. Write your shallow unintelligent comments in a diary and spare us all.

      • Belsma

        David, athynz has been around forever. He’s not a bad guy, he just gives folks the benefit of the doubt, until it all comes to a head. I find his positive attitude refreshing, even if I think “Pastor G”, is a POS. :)

      • athynz

        Thanks Belsma – I don’t have too high of an opinion of Pastor G given the confirmed adultery issues but one can be a POS without being a child molester. Until it is proven he did molest those children I’m reserving judgment with that.

  • Bakersfield Joe

    Whether he is guilty or not the church should not have him preaching. Too much negativity behind it. Why would the church have him preach there? Even if he has repented he still needs to stay off the pulpit for a while.

    • garrett1101

      Agreed. Even if he is found innocent – which while I’m not judging I find myself doubting he’s innocent – he should stay out of the public eye for a while.

  • david

    Love it when the person folks give money to are living it up when most of their followers live in poverty.But a tip for waitress?forget it

  • Rev. Edalio Galarza

    What ever happened to innocence until proven guilty? What about redemption? Whose protecting his rights and civil liberties? This has nothing to do with spirituality or religiosity but rather political retribution and condemnation. Judgment without due process. He who is without sin throw the first stone. Suddenly everyone who never endorsed or supported the ROC in the first place have an opinion and are out for blood. I commend the church for inviting him and supporting this man during this time of abandonment and trial. The same thing that breaks you is the same thing that can make you and those who judge shouldn’t matter. Let him preach, speak and teach. There is no religion higher than the virtue of truth and righteousness and the promise of hope for all!!!

    • DeborahMacaoidhSelim (@DMacaoidhS)

      Sir, I find your comment extremely alarming. You went to seminary, correct? You should know the proper thing to do, unless you have no intention of following the rules of your religion and its holy book, which you agreed to uphold, when you feel emotional. You sound very upset, but that’s the beauty of the Word. It’s instructions are laid out for you in black and white. Hearts can be “deceitful and desperately sick (Jer. 17:9)” and it can be a confusing thing. But God is not the author of confusion. That’s why there’s an insruction manual for that exact circumstance.

  • Layla

    Please with the bull!! some of you are only saying this because it is not your loved ones who are/have been the victim of a sexual assault. The whole innocent until proven is non-sense. Anyone who is/have been a victim of a sexual assault, do not want to have someone paraded in front of them who has been/being accused of such a crime (regardless of actual guilt) because it brings back horrible memories. So lets ask the victims first, forget the victor.

  • reeltime

    Could care less about this wanna be preacher. If Texas finds him guilty castrate him.I am concerned as a Richmond taxpayer where is that investigation Mr. Jones. The one where my tax dollars were helping fund a church. Where is that Church and State seperation thing. But then again what rules/laws does this city administration follow? It’s been since May 2013 when you stated you would have an investigation. Mr. Bryan, could a good investigative journalist dig deep into this? Thank you

    • Morning Dew

      I feel like I’m channeling Effie Tricket. This isn’t about the law. It is just bad manners. The guy is out on bond. He should set his ego aside until he has his day in court.

  • nateog

    most people misuse the word ‘judge’ . when you get a speeding ticket, you are not judged, but you are cited for possibly doing something wrong. if you are a preacher being accused of something, have a seat, the bible says that “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” so for the greater cause of christianity and yourself, you sit down and pray. there are six other people who can preach that night. if you really got to proclaim God’s word, go do it somewhere like China. I bet you not willing to put you life on the line for God, but you would for a dollar bill or to begin building up your fame again.

  • Bobby R.

    Innocent untill proven guilty is only applicable in the eyes of the law(legally). Judgement by the public is not held to the same standard. I agree the church does not put themselves in a favorable light with the invitation to ‘pastor g’. Best regards.//blr//

  • Marie

    The ROC named the new leader(couldn’t find out anything about him) because the media reported more on former Pastor G. The church member who made sure this flyer was leaked must not have wanted Pastor G to speak for 7 minutes. The minister who refuses to keep his commitment (one day christian) to speak on same platform says a lot about his faith…judge not less you be judged.He says he is Pastor Chandler’s friend (but you do not trust him that he did not plan this through much prayer and consideration). We are all sinners and have come short of the glory of God. I watch Cedar St. Baptist every Sunday morning and will continue to watch even if this… Rush Hour to Calvary is derailed on April 18th. IMO

  • Glen Allen

    The man resigned, he should stay off the pulpit until the investigation is complete. Those that have faith in him, should keep their faith and prey for him, however those that feel he is likely guilty, should be able to enjoy a service free from controversy, and free of the media that will likely congregate if he preaches. On the other hand, if the organization is looking for a LOT of free publicity, and plenty of drama, then by all means, let him preach again and again. Those opposed, can stay at home.

  • garrett1101

    It’s interesting how many people on here have already judged the man guilty without a trial or even any hard evidence. Some of you need to get lives. For the few that aren’t making the judgment call you guys rock.

    • reeltime

      garret, no judge, I could care less about him. I want to know if our taxes went ot fund this operation, and if so, what is the legal/laws allowed this. Seperation from Church and State? Isn’t that what most should be asking, it’s your/our money if you are a resiident of Richmond.

    • David

      garrett1101, after enduring several years of Athynz pyscho BS, I have come to recognize his style or lack thereof. It is very likely that you are athynz in disguise. You are a very sad little man. Get help.

      • athynz

        Funny how when someone else sees through your BS you think it’s me. This is the second time you’ve accused someone else of being me – face it David others realize you are a trolling POS and are tired of your constant whining and self esteem issues. Can you ever make a post that deals with the topic? Why do you keep beating your dog?

  • Ida Atkins

    My question to each of you and the pastors who refused to speak: What does the Bible say about each of us? We are all sinners! We are not to judge and Let He who is without sin cast the first stone!!! If God can forgive all sin then why cant you???????

      • Morning Dew

        The bible also says it is OK to beat your servant, but if the servant dies within 1 day from the beating, you have committed murder. If If

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