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‘Hey Boss’ note captures disgruntled worker chiding tardy manager

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (CNN) – There have been times in life when you feel like “enough is enough.”

A man in Michigan took that one step further at his job when he left his boss a note, telling her exactly how he felt.

Joe Blumm has worked at the BP in East Town for the past three years and reached his breaking point on Thursday.

He says he asked his manager to be taken off third shift and was still forced to work overnight.

As he was waiting for his manager to relieve him, he couldn’t take it any more when she never showed up.

Blumm said, “I had it. I had enough of that unprofessional atmosphere, having to deal with that tardiness and have it come down on me.”

He posted a note on the door, locked up and went home.

Joe Blumm said, “All of a sudden, you thought you had a snow ball and dropped it at the top of the hill and you look down at the bottom and then there’s an avalanche.”

It was a note meant to be seen by his manager but once the note hit the Internet, it took on a life of its own.

Referring to, Blumm said, “Then I noticed it was in the top five of their hotlist and I kinda started freaking out a little.”

The note said, “Hey boss, learn to be on time or at least communicate when you are going to be late. One hour with no phone call is unacceptable. As you can see, the doors are locked. I went home. Fire me if you must, but realize I walked due to your negligence.”

He added, ‘”I know I struck a chord with a lot of disgruntled, low-paid employees who get the short end of the stick.”

Now, he is on the hunt for a new job.

Blumm said, “Hopefully, with all the publicity that could be a reality. I would love to have a different job, something a little bit higher paying I would hope.”

Blumm’s manager admits she was late but argues that he never called her or anyone else before leaving the store.


  • Bruce Collier

    Good for him!The situation is sometimes reversed though,where the manager is left holding the bag and working some ungodly hours because an employee is a no-show no-call.When you’ve been abused,nobody faults you for refusing to take it forever!

  • Lana coghillh

    If you want to play the role as management, you should not expect professionalism from your employees if you’re not willing to be a professional yourself. If the manager doesnot arrive to work on time, why did she not call and let previous shift know something ? Why does previous shift need to give her a “wake-up” call? She obviously has done this numerous times. Higher-up needs to counsel her !!!! Stop her slouching on the job !!

  • Bev Fleming

    Good for the employee.A good manager doesn’t treat his/her employees with such disrespect and expect to have any amount of loyalty. When your shift is over you are tired and probably would like to be at home with your family!

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