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GOLDMAN: Warner dares GOP on Obamacare with crossover political dribble

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Paul Goldman is a local lawyer who helped run Doug Wilder's historic campaign for governor of Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. – Usually an incumbent with a 15 percent lead in the polls lays low, especially when he is given a 90 percent chance of winning re-election by the Las Vegas bookies masquerading as political handicappers in Washington.

But not Mark Warner and not in 2014.

As we can see from the budget deadlock at the Virginia General Assembly, there are vast differences of opinion between DEMS and REPUBLICANS on health issues, especially Obamacare/Medicaid/Medicare expansion all rolled into one huge political fight his year.

Warner has voted, as expected, with Obama/McAuliffe on these issues. Gillespie has never held public office nor have his challengers for the GOP nomination.

This gives Gillespie an opening to adopt whatever positions the polls say voters like on these hot button issues. This is always the challenger’s advantage, the incumbent must defend his or her record, meaning every single vote, no matter how small the matter,  can become a big political deal.

Why is Warner taking the offense against a big underdog especially when Gillespie has yet to show he is ready for prime time?

Norm and I explain the situation in our piece on Warner Dares Gillespie On Obamacare.

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  • RVA Excapee as they say in New Harare (Slavename RVA)

    Obama lies and lied. Party Comrade Warner (C-VA) supported the lie. He lies too. He has to go as you will see in NOV14. Shove your polls up your bung.

  • Becky

    Why would anyone vote for an empty shell; someone that has
    given up all independent intelligence,thoughts, actions, deeds,
    to be Controlled by The Political Machine?
    Nothing LEFT but Party, When Party Controlls the Collective
    Intelligence, mindlessly.
    Warner/Obamacare/Warner/Obamacare…to hell with the Consequences..

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