Richmond schools spokeswoman on leave after alcohol incident

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) – Richmond Public School’s spokeswoman Felicia Cosby was put on administrative leave after she allegedly served alcohol to an intern inside the Richmond Schools Central Office at City Hall, multiple sources confirmed.

Cosby makes her own wine outside of work, those sources said.

An employee who worked in the same office reported the incident to Richmond Education Association (REA), according to an email from Richmond Schools Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden to school board members:

“Please be advised that we received a letter of allegations via REA from an employee related to Ms. Cosby. At this time, Ms. Cosby is on leave while the situation is being reviewed via HR and the investigator. Ms. Cletisha Lovelace will be serving as the Acting Director during the interim while this situation is being resolved.”

The intern involved in the situation is of legal drinking age, the sources indicated.

“City Hall is considered school property and, therefore is subject to the drug and alcohol-free workplace policy,” acting school spokesman Cletisha Lovelace wrote in an email. She would not confirm the details of Cosby’s administrative leave.

Cosby has not been charged with a crime. The incident is being reviewed by the school system’s HR department, sources said.


  • athynz

    It’s cool that she makes her own wine but she should have kept it at home or given a closed container of it to the intern to take home and enjoy. At most give her a few days unpaid leave and probation for a certain amount of time. Firing her is an overkill IMHO.

  • Glen Allen

    Ahh, who cares? We are talking about Richmond Public Schools. The School Board has a member that not only lied about her credentials, but referred to herself as “Dr.” (even her nameplate said so), and was soon after, caught with pot being cultivated on her home balcony.

  • david

    All black principles and school officials now call themselves Dr.Your online course doesnt count,sorry

    • Joe

      So what are you saying, sounds like you are saying no black Principal has earned a Doctorate they ALL just went to online schools. Interesting, you probably have a GED and scan bar codes at food lion.

  • Bob James

    Zero Tolerance Policy!! What would happen to a RPS student caught with alcohol on school property?? Do the rules only apply to the peons and not the neons?? Dismiss her and the intern.
    I challenge any employed person to take alcohol to their workplace, pour some and serve it to a coworker Let me know what happens after you get caught. I’ll bet you will not be employed. Prove me wrong!!

  • T

    I know her. She’s a good woman. Stop the witch-hunt. Suspend her if you need to, but don’t ruin a career over two consenting and legal adults tasting wine. This is ridiculous.

  • John

    She should be punished as if a student brought it to school. If the student would be expelled then fire her.

  • RVA Excapee as they say in New Harare (Slavename RVA)

    I am sure that one does not have to b drunk to lie for the Richmond Public School System. But, it must help.

  • Glen Allen

    Jeeze, she is only the spokesperson and she is not around children. There are a few custodians, and other school based employees that come to mind however……and the administrators know who they are.

  • Sandra

    Are you kidding me? These allegations were made by ‘an employee related to Ms. Cosby’? Get the heck out of here! SMH

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