VIDEO: Dying dad walks 11-year-old daughter down the aisle during surprise wedding

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MURRIETA, Calif. (WTVR) – Jim Zetz knows he will not be alive long enough to walk his 11-year-old daughter down the aisle on her wedding day — whenever it may be. The 62-year-old California father is dying of pancreatic cancer.

Josie and Jim Zetz at her “wedding” ceremony. (PHOTO: Lindsey Villatoro

Josie and Jim Zetz at her ‘wedding’ ceremony. (PHOTO: Lindsey Villatoro

A Los Angeles photographer, who took portraits of the Zetz family, was so moved by the love between Zetz and her daughter, she organized a surprise backyard wedding to give Zetz the opportunity share that moment with young Josie, according to a report on

“One day (you) wake up and realize you’re given the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. You get an idea, don’t think twice and run with it,” photographer Lindsey Natzic Villatoro wrote about the experience.

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  • nateog

    i guess to each it’s own. This is sweet, but I wouldn’t want to do something that was so sad and futuristic. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so just love each other the way you would today, today.
    still sweet and probably going to be a good memory for the girl or a super sad one. i wonder how she is going to feel when she really gets married.

  • K

    Wondering how adults could put an 11 year old child through this.. such pain now and then again when he dies.. facing her fathers death twice..A little cruel I think..

  • Vicky

    I wish I knew my dad wouldn’t be there for mine , we owe each other that moment till we meet again in heaven.

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