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Some Virginians rejected for Obamacare as coverage deadline looms

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PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR) -- Inside Zion Baptist Church in Petersburg Saturday, dozens gathered to learn information and sign up for"Obamacare" coverage.

Healthcare.gov (March 31,2014)

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If you haven't started the process of enrolling by Monday, failing to have health insurance of any kind will result in an IRS fine of either one percent of your annual salary or $95 dollars - whichever is greater.

"This has been just a blessed day," Aurelia Heal told CBS 6 after she enrolled in a plan that will cost $117 a month.

Heal is a cashier at a local gas station and has not had health insurance for fifteen years.

"I haven't been to the doctor in ten years," Heal told political reporter Joe St. George.

Heal is one of the estimated six million Americans who have acquired health care coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

She tells CBS 6 all she needed to sign up was an ID, her social security number, and a recent W2.

But not everyone who showed up for the in person enrollment Saturday was given coverage.

William Simms was hoping for coverage because under current Virginia law he in ineligible for Medicaid. [Click here for more information from Healthcare.gov]

"I want healthcare so when I go to the doctor I can be covered," Simms said.

The Medicaid Gap

However, because Simms makes less than $11,490 dollars a year he is considered ineligible for Obamacare as well - falling into what is known as the "Medicaid Gap."

The "Medicaid Gap" exists because the Supreme Court struck down the provision of the Affordable Care Act which expanded the Medicaid program to cover people like Simms.

The Supreme Court says it is up to the states whether or not they want to expand the medicaid program. Virginia has elected so far not to expand.

While the federal government says they will pay the full of cost of medicaid expansion for the first three years, Virginia Republicans in the House of Delegates fear an expansion could create a heavy financial burden on the Commonwealth down the line. It is for that reason they have resisted calls by Democrats for expansion.

"Just like every other Obamacare expansion scheme we've seen so far, it is built on the premise of free money from Washington,"  Delegate John O'Bannon (R-Henrico) recently said on the House Floor.

For Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott that rationale is hard to comprehend.

"People have already paid for it - we have paid the taxes so we ought to get the benefit," Scott said.

Scott urged Democrats to "make their point" on Obamacare but would not go as so far to say they should shut the state government down over the issue.

Currently, Virginia Democrats and Republicans are at a budget impasse because of the subject.

Young People Signing Up?

While the White House said more than 6 million Americans have enrolled ahead of the Monday deadline, VCU healthcare expert Dr. Andrew Barnes is more worried about who is not enrolling: young people.

The White House initially said 40 percent of enrollees would have to be young people, but Barnes said enrollment has fallen about 15 percent short of that goal.

“You need young healthy people to subsidize older sicker people,” Barnes said. “If you don't have healthy people coming in, then the prices are going to go up.”

As a result, Barnes fears insurance companies will charge higher premiums for everyone trying to make up losses.

As for concerns that not enough young people are enrolling to make Obamacare financially stable, Scott said "the numbers are showing the young people are signing up."

However, Scott said young people need to stop thinking their invincible.

“A lot of people will get sick this year and run up extraordinary expenses in healthcare," Scott said.


  • airjackie

    Many Republican Governors refused the Health Care due to political reasons as the financial backers see this as a lost to insurance companies and scam artist selling useless insurance. As people wait to the last minute to sign up all the lawmakers signed up on Oct. 1st. The plan does fine people on low income as it was posted for over 1 1/2 on the White House website an on the IRS website but Media/TV Host and lawmakers spread lies. Obamacare is law but States have rights. Gov. McDonnell explained he would not allow the low cost health care to the State. Now Kentucky Governor not only welcomed Obamacare but saved his State close to a billion dollars which he said could be used on other things needed. Most people listen to their elected lawmakers and refuse to sign up. Many scam Ads were released by the Koch Bros. PAC groups to scare people. A Republican/Tea Party lawmaker from Louisiana said his citizens were uneducated and likely could not read the application. Now the fines go to people who can afford health care but looking for free service. Maybe the new Governor with new State lawmakers will look to what is best for Virginians and not their political party or special interest groups. Rep. Cantor opposes the health care but was one of the first to sign up.

    • manalishi

      BS airwackiie. Maybe you should lie to us about your personal experience with obozocare.

      My personal experience was a bit less tan your orgasmic sensation. First i lost my plan despite harry ried. Your false prophets best fraud was 10% higher with a $12k deductible. For those democrats that cannot do basic math, that means you don’t have insurance till you have paid $12K for essential care. That would be $9500 higher than the plan I lost. I was forced to settle for a plan with a $7k deductible and a few other concessions that may or may not be a gamble.

      On the bright side, i get coverage for all the mammagrams, pap smears, and BCP’s i do not need. Of course you can talk of all the politicians you want, but the only name you need to know is Bath House Barry Soertoro..

      I contend that the only people who would/could not oppose this fraud are the ones that do not pay for it themselves. Someone else is obviously subsidizing you. Kindly ask you plastic bobblehead messiah where’s my $2500 savings? Or did he lie just like you?

      • Eugene Golden

        I can vouch for everything airjackie said as correct except the only thing I do not know about is if Cantor signed up. That I cannot say. What you did fail to say in your rant about not needing the tests and procedures that apply just to females is that you are now entitled to other preventive care that you would have otherwise paid for…such as a colonoscopy. I assume you do have a colon. You also say something about having no insurance until $12000 comes out your pocket. That is not an accurate statement. Your maximum out of pocket for a FAMILY can be that high under the cheapest plans on the exchange but for an individual it is limited to about half that much under the least expensive exchange plans. Most plans pay a percentage after reaching a deductible that in this area can can as low as $750. That percentage is paid until that maximum out of pocket you quote is reached. Then your enchant plan pays 100 percent. You fail to mention that and what you do not say is more important than the flaws in what you do say. You need a lesson in insurance 101.

      • David

        Roger Manalishi. Just go back to hustling used wrecked autos and pay your fine. I hope you got really good mental illness coverage.

      • manalishi

        Eugene, “can” and “most” makes for an rather cheesy counter to the fact that the deductible WILL be paid for essential care. I notice your diversion resets the focus to preventative care. Again, it’s always easy to tell who pays their own and who does not. It’s also not hard to to tell who needs this skimming operation to succeed for career reasons.

      • Eugene Golden

        for career reasons? My career is over. I retired at 44 years old and have been paying for my own health insurance ever since. That is 13 years now. I just have been doing volunteer work since. Unlike you I care about others as well as myself. You looking out for only number one comes through loud and clear in your posts. You might as well get over it…the PPACA is here to stay. It just eats you up to come to that realization doesn’t it?

      • manalishi

        Well Eugene, you got me there. I do not believe it be fair or just to fleece, extort, or defraud for a social engineering scam. Feel free to call me selfish in that regard. I figure you to be a very astute individual so surely you could concede that the very notion of controlling 17.6% of GDP for the purpose of ensuring coverage for 1.8% of the population is not designed to succeed. Or is it even 1.8 %? We cannot tell as the HSS refuses to release any particulars on enrolled categories. How does this basic mathematic disaster factor into your ultimate goal of the single payer system?

        An yes, I do tend to look out for #1 first as well as my closest.

  • me

    Obama news presented by Obama Media Matters Propaganda Affiliates.

    The Great HOPE that CHANGED All things for the Better:
    Domestic Prosperity & Tranquility, World-Wide Peace, and
    ObamaCares! All is right with the World.

  • me

    IF, things don’t go The Obama Way; just BLAME anyone but Obama.
    After all, he personally, at his will, whim, and his own pleasure gets to
    refuse rules, regulations, laws, and Constitution or tweak his own
    law, continuously, conveniently, to stall consequences until after

  • ken

    Can someone explain to me who you thinks pays for all these low cost plans and breaks for low income folks.Please just explain it.If you work very little and get a plan for 60 a month because of subsidies who pays the rest?Maybe the same people that pay for your housing,kids,daycare,free phone,internet,And why is it 90% of the people pushing this healthcare in obamas ads are rich black people?This whole church sign up thing kinda reminds me of the push to sign up voters years ago who otherwise wouldn’t have even known there was even such a thing as voting and thought a poll was something you hang a rim on and shoot a ball into.Oh and once again you welcome for the handout

    • manalishi

      Ken. It’s not just that the democrat parasites do not understand. Fact is that they do not care. These is the same democrat trash that robs their children’s future just for a few comforts now.

  • lori tanner

    Because i can’t pick up more hours at work and refuse to work the graveyard shift because i have young kids i get less pay. And now i am getting fined because of this act. F*** the usa!! Seriously f*** this state too and i have lived/paid taxes here a long time.

  • Jody Chance

    Shame on you WTVR for saying Virginians will be fined for not having health insurance. NO ONE in Virginia will be fined because they do not have health insurance. Why? Because Virginia chose to not expand Medicaid coverage, per the SCOTUS decision. This is a big reason why people who try to buy insurance are not getting good deals. In states where Medicaid coverage was expanded, people are getting cheaper insurance with better coverage because insurers are offering competitive deals.

  • isso

    Population of Virginia 8,260,405. Doug Gray, executive director of the Virginia Association of Health Plans states: “Getting to 100,000 (enrollees) is quite an accomplishment.”

    • Eugene Golden

      we have exceeded the signup numbers that were projected by the congressional budget office in Virginia…. the rest are a plus as they illustrate the success of the exchanges in a state where politicians like Bob ” I will be off to jail soon” McDonnell fought the PPACA tooth and nail. A man that while he wanted no part of the federal health exchanges… refused to set up a state exchange to minimize federal involvement in our state’s affairs.

  • mojorisin73

    Obama care was written by the insurance companies but you’ll not hear it on the news because both parties don’t want anyone to know who’s really benefiting from this.

  • B Addy

    What a debacle. This joke will never get off the ground. Maybe next time someone will read the bill rather than blatantly lying nonstop about it to get it passed.

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