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GOLDMAN: RTD stadium story says council too timid to stand up to Mayor Jones

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Paul Goldman is a local lawyer who helped run Doug Wilder's historic campaign for governor of Virginia.

RICHMOND, Va. –  Just read these key excerpts from today’s Richmond Times Dispatch:

(1)    “The council voted 6-3 last month to give the administration more time to nail down details of the [Mayor’s Shockoe Stadium proposal]. The council’s resolution … set a deadline of March 27 for the multitude of agreements needed to put the plan into action.”

This comes from today’s RTD story.

Yesterday, at least according to the calendar used since the 1700s, is listed as March 27.

(2)   “A Richmond City Council-approved deadline for negotiations on the Shockoe Bottom stadium … has come and gone…”

Again, this comes from the RTD story in the morning paper under the headline:

“As deadline comes, Shockoe deals still unfinished.”

(3)    The story continues by saying  “It’s unclear what the consequences will be, if any, of the deadline arriving with so many elements still unfinished” writes ace reporter Graham  Moomaw.

Sorry Graham, but actually it is very clear:  The Mayor is betting Council will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THAT REGARD, AS IN ZIPPO, NADA, ZILCH.

Everyone else in the city misses a deadline and there are consequences. But for the Mayor and his Shockoe Stadium developers, proponents, NOTHING.


Why does the Mayor and his Stadium posse believe they can simply disregard the “deadlines?”

Mayor Jones isn’t being shy here. In political terms, he is daring those six – Baliles, Hilbert, Graziano, Robertson, Newbille, and Mosby – to show backbone.

Indeed, the Mayor is using the Economic Development Authority to bypass the public’s right to have a direct vote on this tainted mess. City Council could make sure the people get their right to vote.  But they refuse. The Mayor seems equally confident they will continue to roll over here too.

I ask you, if City Council is simply going to roll over for the Mayor on his controversial Shockoe Stadium sweetheart deal,  why pay the roughly $2 million it costs per year for the City Council and staff?

According to Councilman Jon Baliles, the City Council has so little to do he wants them to meet only once a month, not twice a month as has been necessary for decades.

Now, the Council wants another $50,000 to pay for yet another no-bid contract to yet another  “independent” Shockoe Stadium “consultant”  so the Council can get “advice” on how to vote.

Why waste this money if they have already made their decision?


Again, I am literally begging people, I have a proven record of bringing together bipartisan coalitions to reform our state and our city, the President on down have praised the strategies used for making history.

The Mayor once agreed with me on the need to both weigh the development side and the history side very carefully BEFORE the CITY DECIDES TO BACK A BASEBALL STADIUM PROJECT IN THE BOTTOM.

He knows I remember the 1994 effort in the General Assembly.

He, his patron Henry Marsh, City Council and the Richmond legislative delegation have apparently changed their minds for reasons only they know.

I am sticking to those original principles.

But in the end, only YOU, THE PEOPLE, can decide the right path for Richmond’s future.

Paul Goldman is in no way affiliated with WTVR. His comments are his own, and do not reflect the views of WTVR or any related entity. Neither WTVR nor any of its employees or agents participated in any way with the preparation of Mr. Goldman’s comments.


  • jrcat7

    Paul – What is the deadline for the referendums and are they on track to meet the goal.

    Has anyone tried to “obtain” your silence?

    This business is disgusting.

  • Glen Allen

    Below are the emails for each City Council member. Please take a moment and write an email to them letting them know that collectively, you voted for them, and collectively, you would now like the opportunity to vote for, or against, baseball in the Bottom. Let them know you are watching them, and let them know exactly how you feel (good, or bad).

  • me

    It is clearly transparent that The Richmond City Council is SERVING,
    kowtowing, bending over and Wholeheartedly Facilitating The Democratic Party’s Rich, Corporate Who’s Who DONORS.
    The Mayor is nothing. They RUN him; he can’t do it himself.
    The State Party Machine is blessing, sponsoring, and will bestow Party Heirarchy Raises, Positions, and Bennies to ALL the SERVANTS of their DONORS.
    It is Democratic “Ethics” and Democratic GIFTGATE(s) x 99/100%
    Pure Party to all out Ramrodding, Corruption & Collusion, Fraud, Abuse, and Extortion, without Any Say. Sit down, shut up, and PAY, the Democratic WAY!
    ….All Democratic Government Agencies and auspices from local, state, and Federal, REFUSE to Investigate their own.
    Of course, you haven’t seen these tactics, means, and measurers, to
    usurp, circumvent and derail Government from the Legal Eagle,
    Omnipotent Obama…..OBAMACARE. It’s Tradition.

  • me

    City Council is fully entrenched in the Scam/Hoax/Con Job/Extortion
    Attempt to Welfare Rich/Corporate Party DONORS/LOBBYISTS.
    The Mayor SERVE Venture Board as its President.
    Samuels & Robertson SERVE Venture Board.
    Newbille SERVES Richmond Sports Backers.
    Graciano historically SERVES Jones.
    Not TRANSPARENT Enough that there is an Intentional

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