VIDEO: ‘I don’t want another girl!’ Baby reveal goes wrong

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(KTVI) – What happens when a little boy with two sisters finds out he’s getting another sibling? This if it’s another girl!

This video was posted to YouTube and captures the reaction of a baby reveal gone terribly wrong.

In his defense, he is surrounded by girls.

It started out calm. Mom and dad asked the kids what they thought the new baby would be. Gunner said, a boy. Hence the smile on his face.

Then it was time to cut the “baby reveal” cake. To his dismay, it was pink inside.

And then his dismay turns to disbelief. Gunner asked his parents again as if the answer would change, but it didn’t, so then came the tears.

“It’s a girl! It’s always a girl,” Gunner said. “I hate girls. Every time it’s Girl. Girl. Girl. Girl.”


  • Cindy

    I wish I could gave pick that little boy up and hug him! Poor little sad thing! He was so upset, however, he will learn later that he is the only one who gets boy toys, has a father and son day out and get his own room. I am sure he will be a wonderful big brother to his new sister! Hugs and kisses to him! I only have one boy and get was so much fun when he was little….now he is on his own and in college….that’s another story!

  • belinda

    That is how I felt when I my third brother was born. I wanted a sister so bad , but instead I had three brothers. As time has gone by I wouldn’t want it any other way. Love my brothers as I’m sure he will love his sister as he gets older . It’s tough when you are little but 37 years later my baby brother is one of my best friends. Hugs sweet boy. .

  • Shelli Fisher

    Shame on the parents and the news CBS6 for posting this on facebook, This is not funny. That was true emotion from that little boy. Why would you exploit the raw emotion, did you ask him if he wanted thousands of people to see his inner most feelings?? Again very shameful.

  • Jay

    He’s kind of a brat, and well, children don’t crawl across the dining room table. Geez. Let’s focus on discipline.

  • tami

    I hope no one shows this to the little girl being born someday after the dad said that he felt the same way. I’m sure he didn’t mean it but he did say it.

  • Yawanna be

    No one considered the little girl feelings as to why their brother and father vocalized so strongly they didn’t want another girl. I’m sure they are wondering or feeling what is wrong with being a girl. Shame on dad for saying he didn’t want a girl either in front of the girls.

  • chelsea

    Shame on the Father for publicizing this anti-female nonsense! You should be thankful to have a healthy baby, instead of coddling your bratty son. Your daughters are probably wondering “what’s so bad about being a girl” You’re a jerk for posting this to the world.

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