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Police: Teen killed VUU student-athlete over sneakers

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - An 18-year-old Richmond man was arrested and charged in connection with the February shooting death of Virginia Union University student Kahron Lee over a pair of sneakers.

Willie Daquan Lee

Willie Daquan Lee (SOURCE: Richmond police)

Willie Daquan Lee, 18, of Chamberlayne Avenue, was charged with first-degree murder, robbery and two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, according to Richmond police.

Authorities said more arrests are possible in the case and noted that the suspect and victim are not related.

Major Steve Drew with Richmond police told CBS 6 reporter Sandra Jones that Willie Lee was trying to steal the victim's shoes and a struggle broke out. When Kahron Lee refused to give up the shoes, he was shot and killed.

Kahron Lee was a member of the Virginia Union University track team.


Virginia Union University student Kahron Lee

"We know that [Willie] Lee pulled the trigger that evening," Drew said.

Police said it was a random act, but would not say whether the suspect got away with the shoes or what was taken.

"I don't want to get to much into the case. We'll let all that play out. Some of those things we're going to be specific when we get to the court process," Drew said.

The U.S. Marshal's Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Willie Lee March 11 on unrelated charges, police said.

Police charged Lee with Kahron Lee's death after detectives presented evidence before the Multi-Jurisdictional Grand Jury.

New of the arrest surprised the victim's friends and students on the Richmond campus.

"I mean, that's pointless... Take somebody's life over a pair of shoes? I mean, it's not really worth it," Chris Turner said.

Richmond Police called the investigation into Kahron Lee's death ongoing and asked that anyone with information call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.



  • Karl Childers

    Another fine product of the City of Richmond. Senseless murders are the only thing this city seems to excel at, besides single parent families, and venereal diseases.

  • me

    A month long investigation with evidence presented to a Grand Jury
    but hidden from the public that pays for public services and Open
    Government. It’s becoming as common as Richmond street crimes.

  • Glen Allen

    Prayers to the victim’s family and friends, it looks like the suspect will not have to worry about where his shoes come from here on out, I believe they are standard prison issue.

  • Belsma

    Punks..get an honest job and get your own stinking shoes! Who the heck do you think you are that you can just take from others?

    • Marva

      If hard working tax payers only know how their money is spent.on these heartless inmates some of them still do the same thing in jail that they are charge for .By now he has had a full physical exam seen the dentist watching flat screen TV given medication for head ache not to mention his diet and what foods he prefers not eat .requesting mental health service to impress the Judge and jurors that he was insane. Then comes the attorney have him dressed up as if he going on million dollar job interview.Then he get to write a grievance which is answered by a team of officers. he get visit and at times may have some of his friends in that same dorm with him some times it is like reunion.while the victim family continues to weep all they have is a grave side to look .at .victims catches hell while the system makes it well for the inmates. I wonder what kind of shoes he is wearing in jail .

  • Teah

    “Those people” means?? A stereotype. No one in my house values shoes of any brand. I wonder what that statement reveals about your way of thinking, Clotus. What an ignorant statement.

  • Karl Childers

    It is a sterotype Teah, glad you don’t condone it or live by it, but more often than not right on the mark. The suspect most likely came from your typical disfunctional Richmond African American family. This time a young man who had a bright future ahead of him paid the price for the acceptance of this culture. There should be a lot more outrage over the senseless death of this young man.

  • Keamor90

    Its funny how people can jus sit behind a computer and talk junk about people that they dont know. Willie Daquan Lee is my BLOOD cousin, yeah what he did was wrong, but who the hell are you people to judge him?? The only person he has to answer to is GOD for his actions. How dare some of you get up here and call someones family disfunctional!!!! And use sterotypes, as if some of you actually understood someone else history or back ground for that matter !! I truely pray that the family of the young man who lost his life finds closure and comfort. I also pray for some of you simple minded people. GOD said let he who hath not sin, cast the first stone. Majority of you shouldve kept your opinions to yourself !!!

      • Keamor90

        It clearly wasnt over a pair of shoes. Common sense would tell you that. The police said “it was over a pair of shoes” then stated that “they wasnt sure if anything was tooken from the viticims body”. If anybodies the idiot its obviously the spectors. The police based that interview off of hear say. They havent even let either the viticims family or my family know what the actual cause of what happen or took place that night.

      • BO

        If it was something else I hope the truth comes out.I’m not a stranger to the police seeing things only one way.

      • Marva

        This is two boys 20 and18 year old .If he saw a gun I am sure he would have given him the shoes.apparently he was the looser. So he shot him and still never got the shoes now he only kind of jail ?

    • manalishi

      Defend him as you wish. If Willie murdered Kahron over a robbery,,, Hang him from a light pole after a fair trial. The only loss is the innocent victim.

    • Rick Long

      He shot and killed someone for a pair of sneakers. He has to answer to society before being judged by God. A person died because someone wanted to take their sneakers from them. Was it so much easier to kill someone than to get a job and earn the money for them? That is the pure definition of dysfunctional.

  • Sexcnva

    Sad situation all around. Let’s focus on education and our potential future not a pair of shoes or whatever other evidence comes from this case. My heart goes out to the victim, suspect(s), and their families.

  • Fritz the Kat

    I suspect it was more than a pair of shoes. Perhaps Willie was out for money shoes or no shoes. I wonder if he had priors, I would bet he did. Not sure why his family, friends, or any other ones involved (Public organizations, church, school, etc.) did not push him to a higher goal than becoming a ward of the state.
    Sad, what a waste of life.

  • Shikeem Freeman

    I just wanna thank God that my lil cousin killer was found & is this what the world has come to people shooting for some sneakers. I wish Kahron would have just gave him the sneakers things may have been different but God had a bigger plan R.I.P

    • Dave

      “I would like to thank God for the capture of the man who murdered my cousin. Is this what the world has come to? People are shooting others for sneakers. I wish Kahron had just given him the sneakers, things may have ended differently. Unfortunately it appears God had bigger plans. Rest in peace.”

  • Realist

    My bet is that he was killed over a pair of Jordan’s. Unfortunately this happens in every hood across America. It will never, ever stop. People will always be jealous about others who have nice things – some will stop at nothing to get them. This is one of those cases.

    There is no place on Earth for this kid – give him the chair.

    • Marva

      As many as you can count.I hope you never have to go through what any of this family have to go through.Lets see can you help to educate instead of adding more hurt to the victims .no man is an island.We all have some form of tragedies if not yet it is to come It comes in different shapes and forms

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