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GOLDMAN: Hidden truth about huge fund-raising loophole

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RICHMOND, Va. - More coming on the Shockoe Stadium next week. But for tonight, we focus on state politics and the growing "play-to-play" nature of politics which is one reason Richmond's school kids have the oldest, crumbling obsolete K-12 facilities in the state.

The bottom line reason, poor black and white kids cannot pay for $100,000 dinners and attend big fund-raisers for special interests. This is why your representatives voted last year to take $3 billion in state dollars previously going to a fund backing schools and divert it instead to pay for road construction projects demanded by real estate developers who give big dollars to political campaigns.

Yesterday, in the Washington Post, Norm and I revealed a hidden truth about a huge fund-raising loophole and I will discuss it more on CBS 6 News at 7.

For years now, our politicians have claimed they had passed tough reform legislation forbidding them from raising campaign case while being paid to work on the public's business during the regular General Assembly Session.


Turns out, it is all a big sham.

Here is a link to my Washington Post column revealing the truth. 

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  • me

    Haven’t seen the Democratic President when he wasn’t campaign,
    fund raising and partying with Rich Donors.
    Richmond Mayor hides his Donors, Contributors, Financiers behind
    his closed doors of his hidden governance that Buys and Runs Council and the Mayor.
    McAuliffe was Party installed because he is known for running
    profitable Scams and auctioning off anything and everything for Party Profits the Party Way: Lincoln Bedroom, Citizenship & Votes for
    $500,000 a pop, with Party family & friend cottage industries,
    Party’s Rich access to Party Politicians and Governor’s Family.
    and it’s all Perfectly Party Politically Correct-Mess.
    Frame a Republican, Facilitate all Democrats.

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