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McAuliffe pledges to take ‘full responsibility’ if Medicaid expansion hurts Virginia

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said the budget he proposed as the General Assembly started its special session Monday is based on the budget his Republican predecessor Governor Bob McDonnell proposed when the session began -- but with 104 amendments that "reflect the Governor’s priorities."

Among those priorities, using federal tax dollars to expand Medicaid coverage to more Virginians.

“This budget is balanced and responsible, and it reflects the pressing urgency to take action to use our own tax dollars to cover up to 400,000 Virginia families over the next two years,” Governor McAuliffe said. “I am eager to get to work with Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate to find common ground so that we can end this stalemate, pass a budget and bring our federal dollars home to help 400,000 people access care that is essential to healthy and productive lives."

Some Republican lawmakers are not convinced the Democratic-governor's plan is right for Virginia. If Virginia chooses to opt out of Medicaid expansion after only two years, thousands of Virginians could lose health coverage.

"Individuals would say 'I did not know this was going to happen. Here I am comfortable with my coverage and you're going to take it away,'" State Senator Thomas Norment (R - James City County) said.

Under the governor's budget proposal, raises for state workers and new money for mental health programs, are directly tied to federal Medicaid dollars. The governor said he would take the heat if Medicaid expansion did not help Virginia.

"Let every camera have it clear, that it was the governor who will take full responsibility," Gov. McAuliffe said pointing to television cameras. "So everybody else is off the hook."

Governor McAuliffe said he hoped state lawmakers would have a budget passed within the next three weeks.


  • Billy Cathey

    This sounds like the promises we have heard from DC for the past five years. After World War 11, there many programs started by DC, first paid by Fed money and later left for the states to pay.

      • X

        How about the BIG LIE : “You can keep your doctor.”

        Or how about this scary fact:

        Millions Will Lose Their Current Insurance. Period. End of Story: President Obama wants Americans to believe they can keep their insurance if they like, but research from the government, private research firms, and think tanks show this is not the case. The economic incentives plus a government-run health plan as proposed in the House bill (H.R. 3200), would cause 88.1 million people to see their current employer-sponsored health plan disappear.

        Just to name a few more…

        #1 According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government has the power to force you to buy private goods and services.  Now that this door has been opened, what else will we be forced to buy in the future?

        #2 Obamacare is another step away from individual liberty and another step toward a “nanny state” where the government dominates our lives from the cradle to the grave.

        #3 The IRS is now going to be given the task of hunting down and penalizing millions of Americans that do not have any health insurance.  In fact, the Obama administration has given the IRS 500 million extra dollars “outside the normal appropriations process” to help them enforce the provisions of Obamacare that they are in charge of overseeing.

        #4 Obamacare imposes more than 20 new taxes on the American people.  If you love paying higher taxes, then you are going to absolutely love Obamacare once it is fully implemented.

        #5 In an attempt to “control costs” and “promote efficiency”, Obamacare limits the treatment options that doctors and patients can consider.  This is likely to result in a decrease in life expectancy in the United States.

        #6 Obamacare is going to impose nightmarish paperwork burdens on doctors, hospitals and the rest of the healthcare system.  This is going to significantly increase our healthcare costs as a nation.

        #7 Obamacare is going to send health insurance premiums soaring.  This is especially true for younger Americans.

        #8 Many small businesses are going to be absolutely crushed by the provisions in Obamacare that require them to provide expensive health insurance coverage for their employees.  This is going to make them even less competitive with companies in other countries where businesses are not required to provide healthcare for their workers.  This is also going to make it even less attractive for businesses to hire new employees.

        #9 Obamacare is going to make the emerging doctor shortage in America a lot worse.  Surveys have found that we could potentially see hundreds of thousands of doctors leave the medical profession because of Obamacare.

        #10 Obamacare has already forced the cancellation of dozens of doctor-owned hospitals.

        #11 Obamacare is going to result in a much bigger federal government.  In order to fully implement all of the provisions of Obamacare, hordes of new government bureaucrats will be required.

        #12 Thanks to Obamacare, you are going to have to wait much longer to see a doctor.  Just look at what happened once Romneycare was implemented in Massachusetts….
        In fact, we have already seen the start of this process in Massachusetts, where Mitt Romney’s health care reforms were nearly identical to President Obama’s. Romney’s reforms increased the demand for health care but did nothing to expand the supply of physicians. In fact, by cracking down on insurance premiums, Massachusetts pushed insurers to reduce their payments to providers, making it less worthwhile for doctors to expand their practices. As a result, the average wait to get an appointment with a doctor grew from 33 days to over 55 days.

        #13 Obamacare contains all kinds of insidious little provisions that most people don’t even know about.  The following is one example from the Alliance Defense Fund….
        “Did you know that with ObamaCare you will have to pay for life-saving drugs, but life-ending drugs are free. One hundred percent free. If this plan were really about health care wouldn’t it be the other way around?”

        #14 As if the U.S. government was not facing enough of a crisis with entitlement spending, it is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.  You and I will be paying for all of this.

        #15 The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Obamacare will add more than a trillion dollars to government spending over the next decade.  Considering the fact that the U.S. government is already drowning in debt, how in the world can we afford this?


    Actually, TM, you are also off the hook, because you cannot be reelected. And, will have more than moved on by then. Do you really think that the folk of our great Commenweath will buy your sorry policies? Really?

  • V Wade

    He will take thge heat………… what about the financial aspect, will he “take” that by reimbursing the taxpapers?

  • jsbmith

    Have you read, “A Note on Uberveillance” by MG & Katina Michael. They are implanting everyone with a biochip that enables them to know where you are at all times, what you are doing and what you are thinking. They can see through your eyes what you see, hear what you hear, and send a communication directly to the brain with a chip in their body – kinda like a cell signal. See “Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence” by Springer on page 9 paragraph 1. The book costs $200 but it is worth it. Your congress voted to implant everyone without their knowledge and consent. They fund it with Medicaid. Here’s why you have to pay the price for the costly books – they can murder you without leaving a mark. Newport News, Hampton and the Virginia State Police have murder so many. They call the deaths – “collateral damage” and have the medical examiner remove the biochip – so they can claim suicide or natural causes. See “Terrorism and Mental Health” by Amin Gadit. He describes LRAD aka active denial system and the systems perfectly. See the Audio spotlight by Holosonics. LRAD can narrow the beam divergence so only the citizen with the biochip can hear the voices — i.e. voices in the head. They try to label people schizophrenics – that can be proven with a blood test. The biochip is a
    known human carcinogen according to the BioInitiative Report 2012.I worked on this technology with Booz Allen at NAS Oceana. I believe it is one of the major contributing factors to PTSD and the proximate cause for many suicides. It causes thyroid and pancreatic cancers as well as auto immune deficiency disease. Ever wonder why so many military childred have autism. Read the Harvard University study on autism and this weapon. State Police are the larges domestic cell of terrorist in the nation. They have devastated more lives in Virginia than Al Qaeda on 9/11.

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