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Richmond School Board votes to review all-boys charter school

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – A good education is a top priority for Richmond parent Felicia Delaney.

“I want nothing but the best for my child,” she said.

The RPS mother says her sixth grader, Tyrief has many goals for his future.

“I’m going for my doctor’s degree,” he said.

However, not every student like Tyrief in the Richmond Public School System may have that same vision.

“At this age,  this is when they’re going to decide which way they’re going to go,” said Delaney. “Are they going to follow the crowd, or follow a career?”

“Data shows that around the nation boys are not fairing as well in K-12 as girls, generally in the public schools,” said Tunya Bingham, one of the co-founders of Richmond Urban Collective.

Bingham said her organization wants to start an all-boys charter school for grades six through twelve. She said it would focus on urban students within RPS, as this kind of model has proven to help with graduation rates and student engagement.

“I wouldn’t say this is the answer, but I think it’s a part of the answer as an option for parents,” said Bingham.

Former state superintendent, Dr. Bill Bosher said the gender segregation could be an issue, but said an all-male school seems to offer more positives than negatives.

“This offers not only an opportunity for success, but it offers an opportunity for role models,” said Bosher.

Richmond School Board Vice Chair, Kristen Larson said the board has voted to accept the charter school’s application and to begin reviewing it.

“They’ll dig into everything, from the curriculum, the application process, to the logistics,” said Larson.

Delaney said she is anxious to see what comes of this possible new school, and just hopes for some positive changes in her child’s school system.

“I think it could provide a lot of structure,” she said. “I think it could head off a lot of unnecessary issues.”


  • me

    So typical for Richmond Government.
    Yet another Tax Exempt/Non Profit Special Interest Consortium/Lobbyist seeking to Targeted Taxes to their special Special Interest.
    Pay no taxes, get those advantages as well as Get Taxes Freely. …Richmond Government is RUN, managed, owned and operated by the special Special Interest; without Public Say or our control of our taxes.
    …The Richmond Urban Collective is a collaboration of local African-American business, civic, education and youth development leaders in Richmond, Virginia — that believes the contributions of young urban males to be key to sustainable development in Richmond, in our Country and Around the Globe.
    …It is so Democratic in Contradictions of The Party of “Inclusion” to be Tax Paid “Exclusive” for the Special Interest Group of the Day.
    ..Typical again, that there would be an automatic, blanket approval, without following the Rules, and without all the substantiated FACTS.
    City Council approves such irresponsible antics as well as the School Board.
    …WE do Richmond Government OUR WAY, WITHOUT PUBLIC SAY, to Extort Taxes to OUR Favorites’ Benefits…not Those PAYING for Government.

  • John Richmond

    Corporate welfare is a Republican thing primarily – what’s so infuriating about Democrats like Jones is that they act like Republicans. Noe the Richmond Urban Collective seems on the surface to be well-intentioned – has anyone done a literature review on published data regarding all-boys schools?

  • me

    Democrats Campaign, say, do, and act one thing; then repeatedly do
    opposite., It’s called Lying. Remember the highly publicized,
    long running Democratic Campaign AGAINST the RICH? Remember
    the Party sponsored Nationwide Occupation against RICH/CORPORATE?
    RICH/CORPORATE Democratic Party members, own, operate, manage and run Richmond, because Jones Can’t. They hide, with
    protections, as Tax Exempt/Non Profit Special Interest Consortiums
    to get tax advantages, taxes, and their will; they way as Party Lobbyists
    supported of, by, through, and for Party.Dominion, Altria, Bon Secours, Ukrops, Anthem, Media General, McQuire Woods, Reynolds, etc., etc.
    STOP blaming Republicans for what DEMOCRATS DO, it childish.
    Jones’ favoritism of and corporate influence and Donors go back to before to before he was first elected as he was called out for it.
    His Consortium LLC was in, without other builders allowed, on his
    too small jail from jump street.

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