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This is exactly how odd a Westboro Baptist cover of ‘Royals’ sounds

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Who knew the Westboro Baptist Church was so musically inclined?

A parody the group did of “Royals” a month ago has been getting a lot of attention lately.

The WBC members made plans to protest an upcoming Kansas concert after Lorde criticized a DJ who suggested there was “something wrong with lesbians,” according to a Guardian report.

The singer deleted some tweets calling on her fans to confront the group, but not before  Queerty took a screenshot.

“hahaha omg just found out westboro baptist church are going to picket my show in kansas city… everyone wear rainbow clothing to that show… everyone try to kiss church members who are same sex as you they will so love it christmas comin early in kansas city…”

Next the group created this creeptacular Vine aimed at Lorde.

Based on the WBC Soundcloud page they’ve also parodied a Katy Perry song in the past.

As a sidenote, the WBC Soundcloud bio reads: “There are only 2 types of people: Jacobs & Esaus. All Esaus go to Hell. You are probably an Esau. Listen to our songs, parodies & sermons to find out why.”

Their cover of “Royals’ isn’t without the same sentiment.

“With the pale horses, you’re gonna soon be sorry/because bare teeth raging, sinning in the bedroom, bloodless coffin, trashing your creator/You don’t care/You’re really bad asses in your dreams, but in reality Christ will payback/ coming in the clouds,” is an excerpt.

Anyhow, can’t spend any more time or effort on the Westboro Church. Click the song above for their cover. Sound off in the comments.


  • Glen Allen

    I find it sad that our local news would give this group of misfits the time of day and help them spread their hate.

    This is pathetic WTVR

    • Manalishi.

      They have too. It’s a core democrat church. They have been the patriarch of anti war protests even better organized than code pink. They have been shut down on occasion when bikers quash their military funeral protests. Enough is enough. You will never see a democrat protest westboro for a reason..

    • Liz

      I agree Glen Allen. WTVR lately has run stories that are more tabloid than news. This “story” may have been viable but it rambles and makes no sense – I thought at first the writer was supporting them?
      Then thought well, maybe not. It give the appearance, though, of tolerating this hate group rather then exposing them.

  • Alix Bryan

    Thank you for expressing your viewpoint. I am of the belief that the more a group is seen for what they are, the more their power is diminished.

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