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Access to Gov. McAuliffe can be bought for $50k, through new PAC

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RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- CBS 6 obtained an email sent out by Governor Terry McAuliffe and his newly formed political action committee (PAC), Common Good VA.

The governor is using the PAC to solicit donations for his causes and like-minded politicians, a practice not unknown in the state, but one that comes on the heels of legislation and strong remarks against the influence of money in politics.

“When ethical questions about government arise, they place a cloud over the government's public servants,” said McAuliffe during his State of the Commonwealth address.

The PAC packages include a number of offers to donors, ranging in cost from $10,000 to $100,000.

Donors giving the largest amount to Common Good VA get regular access to McAuliffe, including a private reception, a round-table discussion with state leaders, a retreat and a private dinner with McAuliffe and his family.

“Why don't we cut the head off of this snake right now?” asks government watchdog and Democratic strategist, Paul Goldman.

mcauliffeGoldman tells CBS 6’s Lorenzo Hall, he is puzzled by McAuliffe’s PAC offers, especially because the governor spoke repeatedly about the need for ethics reform in Virginia and imposed a $100 gift limit on himself.

Access to the governor in exchange for a donation could be seen as questionable after the indictment of former Governor Bob McDonnell, who is charged with accepting unreported gifts from a wealthy donor and leaving prosecutors wondering what favors that donor received in return.

We contacted the governor about his PAC by phone and email today.

In response, his press secretary, Rachel Thomas,  sent us an email stating, “Any questions regarding the PAC need to be directed to them. Thank you!"

Goldman says McAuliffe limiting gifts he can receive is useless when wealthy donors can still get access to the governor through his PAC.

“Before long, you won't be able to get in to talk to some high profile person or policymaker before they say, where’s your ticket?  You didn't pay $10,000 or $50,000? Well, I can't talk to you. I got a long line of people that paid to talk to me,”says Goldman.

CBS reached out to Common Good VA for comment, but they haven’t responded.

McAuliffe PAC Announcement for High Dollar Donors


  • Gerold

    So Media is surprised when Obama comes out of corrupt Chicago and bring the Chicago Way to the federal government and is surprised now when the inventor of renting out the Lincoln bedroom for campaign cash brings the same to Virginia. Why?

  • Manalishi.

    Some mistakes cost everyone. It takes a special person to admit it. I bet you won’t be tricked again.

  • Friend of Bill W

    The new political action committee, called Common Good VA, aims to support politicians and campaigns that focus on investing in education, having a healthy workforce, and economic growth, McAuliffe said in an email to political supporters on Monday.

    Every governor since George Allen in the 1990s has set up a PAC to funnel money to candidates and causes he has favored. Allen’s Campaign for Honest Change disbursed $1.7 million; Jim Gilmore’s New Majority PAC, $5,4 million; Mark Warner’s One Virginia PAC, $6 million; Tim Kaine’s Moving Virginia Forward PAC, $7.7 million; and Bob McDonnell’s Opportunity Virginia PAC, $8.1 million.

  • Aaron

    PACs on any level (local, state, federal) should be illegal plain and simple. You get this if you give this amount to my cause. So in other words I will do what you want me to do if you give me enough money. Been going on in all levels of our gov’t for far to long and it needs to stop. PACs serve no good cause other than to buy votes and support for different issues.

  • Romaine Cheney


    While I don’t know you, I suspect you don’t have a mirror ball or are clairvoyant. There is no way to know what any politician will be like. I consider myself independent because I trust very few in the political arena. All we can do is go with our guts and often times, we aren’t given much of a choice, like this past election.

    At least we all know now.

    • manalishi

      I agree we don’t know. But also as an independent, There’s no way i would vote for a lockstep democrat. Even the Sarvis supporters were so jaded that they were clueless (or in denial) that he was a plant from a Hillary bundler.

      It’s not as if WTVR kept us posted on Mcalliffe’s negatives during the election. All we heard was Cuccinelli bashing.

      I had my “Clotus” moment after voting for Bill “lewinski” but seldom hear anyone admit to similar.

  • B Addy

    What a sleazeball this carpetbagger is. He gives used car salesman a good name. Just wait, his destruction of the Commonwealth has just begun.

    • manalishi

      Hillary (cankles) endorsed and campaigned for him. Thats all i needed to see. “what difference does it make?”

  • Frank Smith

    I was so incensed when McDonnell took those “Presents,” but it really is the same for both parties. I will be watching for hypocrites now.

  • Kditto

    Sorry folks, but politicians have been ‘bought and paid for’ for a long time. Our votes essentially become a commodity on the open market, and after elections, mean nothing.

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