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Gun found in Henrico chase car

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Four suspects arrested after a Thursday police pursuit that started in Henrico’s West End and ended in a crash in Richmond appeared in court Friday.

Jasmine Fisher, 23, Trevor Montague, Jr., 20, Aaron Brockington, Jr., 23, and Jerald Liggins, Jr., 26,  are all charged with conspiracy to commit burglary.

Montague, Brockington and Liggins were also charged with firearm and grand larceny crimes. Police said a handgun was found in the vehicle.

Officers responded to a suspicious situation call in the area of Sycamore Lane and Gibralatar Drive around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, according to Henrico County Police. A vehicle observed leaving that scene was spotted by an officer near Parham and Ackley Avenue.  When the officer tried to stop the vehicle, the driver took off.

The suspects’ vehicle eventually crashed at Mechanicsville Turnpike and Cool Lane in Richmond — approximately 10 miles from where police first spotted the car.  None of the suspects were hurt.

All four suspects made their initial court appearance on Friday. All four will be given a court-appointed attorney. Their preliminary hearings are scheduled over the next two months.


  • Cindy

    They think they are in charge! They found out that they are the low lifes and scumbags… more living in their world….now they are incarcerated idiots!

  • SirRantsAlot

    What firearms charges? Convicted felons in possession of a firearm? Let’s start calling gun crime for what it is – crime. It’s not perpetuated by lawfully abiding gun owners, it comes from street punks like this.

    • that guy

      Police don’t protect people in poverty areas so we protect ourselves its different laws for different people like travon Martin remember they don’t care about us they don’t even like obama

  • chase

    screw that old woman who said they wont tell me who in the car police dont need to give you no information unless its a death investigation

    • that guy

      Look dick that was her son she has every right to ask questions any parent would ur disrespectful and have the nerve to talk about others that’s my mother in law and brother in law u only know what’s on the news so keep our opinions to urself the so called victims weren’t victims I’ll tell u that much there’s a bigger story of who did wat and unless u know it shut the fuck

  • that guy

    Crime is always gonna exist cause the country was build on it I see y’all don’t know your history.But y’all are so dawm informational.Idiots

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